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In countries such as America, people eat pizza three to five times a month. Whether it’s for just a mild snack or a substitute or dinner, this kind of food has found its special place for the foods-to-eat list of many American families.

Some of these families call and order pizzas straight to their home while some order from stores and bring them to their house for their families to enjoy.

But this would pose a problem for people who craves for pizza and don’t have the luxury to avail delivery of such food or the time to wait for orders they place through phone calls. That is one of the reasons why frozen pizza brands were introduced to the market. That way, people who would love to enjoy pizza anytime of the day can have instant one.

frozen pizza brands

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Today, there is no doubt that there are so many brands of pizza to choose from that you will definitely be confused if you are the one buying them. That being said, you need a guide to determine which of these brands you should buy. Each one of these frozen pizza brands has unique features that might get your attention.

It is then helpful for people like you to have a shortlist of the leading brands that you should consider to buy. Shopping for this food will be made easy when you have the proper guide.

TOP Frozen Pizza Brands

Below, you will find some of the leading frozen pizza brands over the market and some short description of what you should expect from them. These are ranked according to their taste based on the reactions of those who have already tried preparing and eating them. They are as follows:

1. DiGiorno’s Original Rising Crust Four Cheese

DiGiorno’s Original Rising Crust Four Cheese

In America, when you talk about the top frozen pizza brands, you cannot take the place of DiGiorno’s Original on top of the list. Its crust alone is already heaven for pizza lovers and it will be surely loved by those who have the knack of eating pizzas.

One clear proof that this is the best among the rest is the fact that it can sell up to 250,000 pizzas every day. Although this figure is for the whole areas of operation, there is no doubt that this is a whole lot of makes per day. Just last year, DiGiorno’s Original sold $1 billion worth of pizza for one simple reason. It is the best and in a class of its own.

2. Amy’s 4 Cheese Pizza

Amy’s 4 Cheese Pizza

Amy’s 4 Cheese Pizza

It’s not pretty sure that this could be considered as a close second to DiGiorno’s, but one reason why this brand has reached this ranking on this list is because of its healthy nature.

For people who are health conscious but love to enjoy eating pizza, you will definitely love the idea that it has organic ingredients. This makes it a perfect choice for those who are looking out for their whole being.

Clearly, this brand has found a way to make you enjoy pizza even when you are looking to stay healthy. It also has four different kinds of cheese, which you could determine for yourself when you have tasted one.

3. Newman’s Own Four Cheese Thin and Crispy

Newman’s Own Four Cheese Thin and Crispy

Newman’s Own Four Cheese Thin and Crispy

For 30 years, Newman’s Own has been known to create the best salad dressings . But it is not surprising to see that it finally started producing its own frozen pizza brand. In 2008, it tried to introduce its own version of this common but popular American food and it was not long until it has established itself as one of the leading brands.

With its cheesy pizza and thin, crispy crust, no one will resist eating this pizza up to the last bite. There are some claims stating that if you look in its pizza box, you can see that when you cook its frozen product, you will get the exact thing. That’s actually rare for products of this kind.

4. Trader Giotto’s Handmade 4 Formaggi

Trader Giotto’s Handmade 4 Formaggi

If you consider yourself to be someone who loves cheese, this is certainly the brand for you. In fact, if you have a nearby Trader Joe’s in your area, you are a very lucky one. You get the chance to access one of the best budget pizzas.

Notwithstanding the issue of price, there is no brand out there that can match this one’s ability to combine cheese and pizza to produce something that can match a lot of the top brands out there. It has four different kinds of cheese and the taste is definitely worth its price.

5. American Flatbread Tomato Sauce and Three Cheese

American Flatbread Tomato Sauce and Three Cheese

American Flatbread Tomato Sauce and Three Cheese

Natural pizza flavouring is one thing that be boasted by this brand. That’s the taste that you can only get in a restaurant and you’ll be lucky to take it home with you. It also features tomato sauce that tastes so good you wish there is enough for you to mix spaghetti with.

That said, there is no doubt that this brand can make it in this list and be included among the top five. Consumers’ feedback for this brand definitely put it here. Its combination of cheese and tomato sauce is so outstanding that you would want to eat every slice of this frozen pizza brand.

6. California Pizza Kitchen Thin Crust Cheese

California Pizza Kitchen Thin Crust Cheese

California Pizza Kitchen Thin Crust Cheese

The crispy thin crust of the California Pizza Kitchen pizza is one thing that has earned its reputation to be one of the best as evidenced by its chain that has grown into 200 stores nationwide. This brand was the one to introduce chicken barbeque on pizza and it was not that long before its frozen pizza followed suit.

Although its design looks simple and it only features cheese on its crust, this one still remains as one of the top picks for a nice snack or dinner. This is one that you and your family can truly enjoy.

7. Home Run Inn Classic Cheese

Home Run Inn Classic Cheese

Home Run Inn Classic Cheese . Image Source :

If you are wondering why this brand is not that popular, that’s because this is one that is only sold in selected markets. If you are wondering why even with that this made it to this list, have a bite of this and see the reason for yourself.

This is actually one of the best underrated frozen pizza brands which can easily top our ranking. Not much can be said about this, but one thing is certain. Your money will not be wasted once you have brought this. Hopefully, you can find a market selling this brand.

8. Totino’s Cheese Party Pizza

Totino’s Cheese Party Pizza

Totino’s Cheese Party Pizza

If you are still wondering what the taste of cheese and meat combined is, you can try to cook Totino’s Cheese Party Pizza and find out yourself. The top of this is cheese and under that it’s all meat. That’s pretty much perfect for someone looking for a flavourful, yummy and a bit heavy meal.

This is actually perfect during dinner time. It might look like it is stuffed, but its flavour is something that can make you winner. There is no doubt that your money will not be wasted if you buy this one that also features pizza crust that is in a class of its own as well.

9. Freschetta Naturally Rising 4-Cheese Medley

Freschetta Naturally Rising 4-Cheese Medley

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If you are looking for a healthy pizza to eat, try one that claims that there are no preservatives added on it such as the Freschetta Naturally Rising pizza. Of course, just like many others, it also features four different types of cheese, one of the crowing features of this pizza is its crust that rises whenever it is cooked or prepared.

That’s one refreshing trick for a pizza. It can truly be called a Medley because once you have started eating this; you will not want to stop until you have consumed each and every one of its slices. It’s not a bad way to spend your money, right?

10 . Tombstone Original 5 Cheese

Tombstone Original 5 Cheese

Tombstone Original 5 Cheese

If four kinds of cheese are not enough for you, then perhaps five would do. You might think that this is a bit of stretch considering that this would mean that the brand should cost a lot, but it is not.

The Tombstone Original 5 Cheese pizza has succeeded in proving that such feature can be incorporated without hurting your pockets. It’s very tasty and feels good to eat. It’s something you should try when you are trying to eat something new. Who knows? You might enjoy it a well.

11. Bon Appétit Thin Crust Mozzarella and Pesto

Bon Appétit Thin Crust Mozzarella and Pesto

Looking for a pizza with a different blend of taste? Why not try this brand that features not only cheese but also pesto and cherry tomatoes? The perfect blend of all of these ingredients makes you realize you are eating one of the best frozen pizzas in town.

It goes beyond the conditional ways of how such products are prepared. It’s not every day that you get to have a frozen pizza with edible veggies on it, right?

12. Tony’s Pizzeria

Tony’s Pizzeria

Wanting to eat something that has natural pizza flavour is unavoidable especially for people who have gotten used to the idea of having this as part of their diet. Doing this with frozen pizza is not something easy but Tony’s Pizzeria was able to work wonders to make you feel like you are eating freshly prepared pizza.

The producer of this brand believes that preparing a pizza, whether frozen or not takes more than just putting together cheese, dough and tomato sauce. It’s probably the secret why this small sized pizza tastes so good you’ll think of buying it over and over again.

13. Annie’s Home grown Rising Crust

Annie’s Home grown Rising Crust

Annie’s Home grown Rising Crust

Craving for more Mozzarella, Parmesan, Romano and Provolone cheese? You might satisfy your desires for these tasty versions of cheese with Annie’s Home grown rising crust pizza.

Aside from the fact that you get a pizza that is more tasteful when compared to many others, you’ll also enjoy consuming its rising crust. One this is prepared, you’ll definitely think of going back to the market to buy a box or two of this lovely pizza brand. It comes in family size so you can enjoy it with your siblings and parents.

14 . Celeste Personal Pizza

Celeste Personal Pizza

Normally, people would think badly when they hear about this brand. In fact in this list, this is the least popular. But that is only because of the fact that many people don’t get how this works. While it might not be like most frozen pizzas that you can bake and eat while enjoying watching one of your movies, this serves as a perfect replacement for dinner.

After a night of a little drinking spree, you can bake this in just a matter of few minutes and you will have something to fill your tummy. This pizza is not as bad as what other people say. The fact that it made this list proves that.

15. Red Baron Classic Crust 4-Cheese

Red Baron Classic Crust 4-Cheese

Rounding up our list is this brand. Just like most of the ones included in this list, its cheese is the one thing that separates it from many other brands that failed to be ranked here. While it might not be able to beat most of the brands here, this certainly has the makings of a great pizza.

The cheeses used for this is fresh and that’s what makes it tasteful. Try to bake one for just a few minutes and have a bite. It is guaranteed that you will have thoughts of serving this again either for yourself alone or when the time comes that you are joined by your friends. By then you will be bragging that you found a nice brand of frozen pizza.

Frozen Pizza Preparation : Things To Remember

Frozen Pizza Prepration

These brands are common in the market and you see them everyday whenever you pass by the area to where the pizzas are put. While it is true that frozen pizza make it easier for people to have access to this common food, it should not mean just picking anything that you see.

You have to spend your money for something that will give you its worth. Although there are many choices to choose from, your preference should always prevail. Keep in mind that you’re the one that’s going to consume whatever it is that you bought and you would not want to feel bad about it, right?

There are just a few things that you need to remember though. The first one is that you should have the necessary kitchen tools to prepare and serve frozen pizzas. You would not want your stock to rot on your fridge, right? So make sure that you have an oven or any other related thing to cook this.

When cooking, remember to follow instructions. This has been the cause of many disappointments for people who have tried to enjoy frozen pizza. Sometimes they fail to cook this the right way and the result is disaster in a way. They cannot eat the finished product which would mean they have wasted their money in something they cannot eat after all. That’s very disappointing.

You’ll also have to follow the proper ways to preserve frozen pizza. When the box indicates certain temperatures to which the pizzas should be kept, you should follow them. That way, you will not endanger the pizza from being inedible. Also keep in mind that the shelf life of these products is not that long.

Therefore, try to buy only what you can consume immediately. You might think that storing your stock in the fridge for a long period of time will not have adverse effects but that is where you are wrong. You have to make sure that you plan ahead of time. Just buy and prepare what you can immediately consume.

The list itself is imperfect in many aspects. It does not show nutritional contents of each of the featured brands, which is something that is neglected by many people who don’t care about this at all. But this can serve as a very good guide for people who have no idea which of the present brands they should buy.

Again, the list is presented not to dictate anyone on which brand to patronize, but rather a reminder that some brands of frozen pizza stand out from among the rest. One should not blame the list for any disappointment they might have upon consuming what they have bought from the market.

Finally, everything should be in moderation. While we are not saying we have the right to tell you to minimize your intake of frozen products such as pizza, you should know by now that too much of something will always have an adverse effect to your body.

If you don’t want that to happen, you have to make sure that you moderate your intake of these “instant” foods. While they may be easy to prepare, you cannot deny that the preparation process and the way of cooking varies greatly from that of regularly ordered pizza. That would mean additional chemicals among many others and that’s one thing you should watch out for.

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