Exactly How Many Calories Does A Waffle Contain ?

calories in a waffle

Ah, waffles

Those God-sent gifts to mortals who feel like tasting the Heaven on a Sunday morning. I could talk on and on about waffles, as they are literally one thing I would never give up on. There is no greater feeling of achievement in life than sharing a full plate of deliciously home-made waffles with your loved one on a weekend morning.

However, these divine pleasures sure know how to take their toll on humans by being packed with numerous calories. So, unless you want to become yourself a God (the one with the huge belly, obviously), make sure to lower the consumption of waffles or, at least, to narrow it down to special events. Like weekends, after a hard day of work, good news, bad news, baby showers, friends’ birthdays, Tuesdays, etc.

But, really, how many calories in a waffle ? The answer, my friend, is not that simple.

Home-made plain waffles

Waffles come with tons of delicious recipes and have a long list of included ingredients, depending on your mood, culinary skills or mood; this is why keeping track of their numbers of calories is almost impossible.

Some say there are as little as 100 calories in a plain, home-made waffle. Others, on the contrary claim that only one simple waffle contains up to 412 calories, which is huge.

However, the average amount of calories of a home-made waffle is around 103, including the buttermilk. The problem is not the exact number of calories, but what exactly those calories contain.

One small, round and regular waffle weights around 33 grams, and includes 3.2 grams of fat, 5 mg of cholesterol, 16.3 grams of carbs, 1.7 grams of sugar and 2.4 grams of proteins. Just one waffle contains 10% of the necessary daily amount of sodium, as well as 5% of the number of carbohydrates.

A balanced diet

Making Waffle

Making Waffle

Carbohydrates (including sugar) and fats represent the elements most included in our daily diet, as well as the number one reasons of health problems, including overweight or obesity, heart diseases and cardiovascular problems, big cholesterol levels, and diabetes.(1)

A balanced diet should not necessarily eliminate the daily intake of carbs and fats, but should more focus on keeping a balance between tasty foods and good foods. Sure, a large bowl of frozen berries , no matter how delicious might seem, will never generate the same neuronal impulses and release the same amount of serotonin as a large waffle with maple syrup on top, but will benefit your body and health more.

House waffles with butter and syrup

While the average plain, home-made waffle contains around 103 calories, simply by adding syrup and butter you could reach 456 calories per serving. Out of these, you also get no less than 15 grams of fat and 45 grams of carbs, out of which 12 grams are sugar. Sure, you also get 6 grams of proteins, but those are mainly the result of added butter.

The good thing is that you also get 4% of the daily necessary amount of calcium and 6% of iron. But, do you really want to eat a single 456 calories waffle? The truth is that syrup, no matter its form and preparing method adds tons of calories as topping on everything. Try pouring home-made syrup on a low fat Greek yogurt and you will get the same amounts of calories as of eating a burger. The same applies for waffles, pies or pancakes.

Closeup of waffles with mixed fruit and maple syrup

Closeup of waffles with mixed fruit and maple syrup

Ready-to-eat waffles

Similar to those made with syrup, ready to eat waffles bought directly from supermarkets are quite rich in calories. A simple and plain waffle can count for up to 280 calories, which, again is too much. Sure, there wouldn’t be a problem if you would only have one, but how many of you can stick to only one waffle a day, and that one plain?

For those of you who don’t have the necessary amount of time to play around the kitchen but still do not feel the need of gaining 10 pounds after each weekend breakfast, Kellogg’s has some great ready-to-go waffle variants that are worth given a try. There are numerous low-fat recipes of waffles, so you can start with those if you care about your health and

There are numerous low-fat recipes of waffles, so you can start with those if you care about your health and current number of pounds. The Eggo Lowfat home-style waffles offer around 83 calories for 4 inch, while the frozen, nutria-grain waffle counts for as little as 71 grams. The blueberry variation of this low-fat nutria-grain waffle has less than 73 calories, so there are worth a shot.

Top cheats when making or eating waffles

Waffles can truly become addictive, especially if you have a sweet tooth for them. This is why they shouldn’t be served more than occasionally. However, for those of you who like living on the edge and feel like they can cheat body measurements and fit into that pair of jeans, whole grain waffles represent the best choice out there.

  • Whole grain waffles are not only delicious , but nutritious as well, providing you with the necessary amounts of fibers and important quantities of minerals and nutrients. One serving of whole grain waffles will suffice for your digestive system to work properly.
    Whole Grain Waffles with fresh fruit for breakfast

    Whole Grain Waffles with fresh fruit for breakfast , Image by Catchyscoop.com

  • Yogurt waffles. When you don’t feel like plain waffles but still need to look after your silhouette, playing in the kitchen with some low fat yogurt could really turn into wonders. For those mornings when you want to get over the top but still want to take your favorite bodycon dress, simply adding some yogurt on your waffles will make a huge difference. Toss in some chopped/sliced fresh fruits and you will truly get a wonderful and healthy breakfast. Bear in mind that berries and low fat yogurt mix well with the same whole grain waffles. This delicious and organic breakfast will not “cost” you more than 120 calories, at the most.
  • Don’t add syrups. If you want to enjoy more the presence of waffles in your life, choose to mix them with natural and fresh ingredients and avoid sugary or fatty products. Sure, ricotta cheese or maple syrup can taste amazing on top of your waffles, but will surely put you through some serious effort at the gym later. Remember, in this case, less is more!
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