Can Yogurt Be Frozen ?

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Yogurt is obviously one of the amazingly tasty foods that may be included in the list of dairy foods. However, it often happens that you have bought a considerably huge amount of yogurt possibly by mistake. Or, you may have purchased a number of packets of yogurt to sell it to someone.

In both these cases, there is a common concern that you may face, and it is about the storage process for yogurt. Different people have different thoughts in their mind, and finally, they ask- Can we freeze our yogurt, or, can yogurt be frozen ?

Many of the experts have given their answer that all store-bought and home-made yogurts may be frozen in a safe way.

Does freezing have any effect on yogurt ?

young beautiful smiling woman eating fresh yogurt on white

young beautiful smiling woman eating fresh yogurt on white

Although you may make a plan of freezing your yogurt carefully and expand its lifespan by four to six months (about two months for nay home-made yogurt), it is not possible to be certain that it’ll present same look and taste.

Yogurt of various manufacturers reacts in a different way to thawing and freezing. You will perhaps need to research with any yogurt brand that you find good. For instance, when you have put yogurt of some brands in your freezer for one day and then thawed it during the night, you may test its taste.

However, while you like to freeze up yogurt for over thirty days, you need to remember that this yogurt will possibly generate some acidic tang as well as a clumpy touch. Thus, you will not like to consume it directly; however, applying it in some smoothies may offer really normal savor.

Another question, which is posed by many consumers, is about the bacteria, existing in yogurt. Will the frozen yogurt destroy those bacteria?

In fact, freezing this dairy product may remove only some bacteria; however, there are lots of bacteria, which again become activated while you melt yogurt. Thus, you will not lose health benefits, offered by the product.

The ways for freezing your yogurt

You may choose to freeze your aromatic yogurt or plain yogurt with no risk of experiencing bad yogurt, only if you consider some facts.

Yogurt keeps on expanding with freezing; thus, you have to ensure to place it in a box with adequate room for the expansion. Moreover, you must make certain that you have taken air tight boxes, because stinks from refrigerator may easily access and become absorbed.

Sealed yogurt container is obviously good to solidify directly. Try to label that container with specific date, which is the time of freezing it or best-before time. In this manner, you may avert yogurt from getting perished.

You may also soften the food by making use of microwave for about some seconds. But, you must not refreeze this product after this thawing. That is why it is desirable to get your yogurt frozen in only serving size amount.

However, there are various ways through which you may plan to freeze any yogurt.

Yogurt cups in fridge

Plastic yogurt cups

Plastic yogurt cups

The foremost option is quite easy to understand. Flavored or pure yogurt is generally available in some colored cups that you may place inside your freezer in the original condition, when you have not unsealed them.

Getting yogurt cups stored in upturned way will also assist to preserve the texture and flavor. While you’ve opened this cup, you may move it into sealed bottle before freezing it.

Freezing the product in some container

Plastic container for yogurt

Plastic container for yogurt

It is already said that you may utilize airtight containers in order to chill the yogurt. Confirm that you have tagged this container to prevent the spoilage.

Freezing the product within ice cube plates

While you wish to freeze yogurt to use it for smoothies, it is, in fact, the perfect way for doing so. What you need to do now is to place yogurt in any ice cube plate and solidify it for some hours.

Then, take the cubes out of the fridge and ensure that that you have kept them in airtight box. If you like to prepare your preferred smoothie, what you have to do now is to crack some cubes from freezer. It is really a very simple option. Another process in which you may save your time is with the addition of berries with your yogurt into

Another process in which you may save your time is with the addition of berries with your yogurt into ice tray. It’s now become easy for you to arrange for strawberry smoothies.

Can Greek Yogurt Be Frozen As Well ?

You have now understood how plain yogurt or aromatic yogurt can be frozen. However, many people ask- Can greek yogurt be frozen ? This yogurt is a similar dairy product that you may use for many

Freezing your greek yogurt may be a good option that you can choose to increase its probable shelf life. Consuming this yogurt after its thawing is also as excellent for your health.

Can Greek Yogurt be frozen

Greek yogurt in a glass jars

However, freezing this yogurt may impact the texture, and after thawing its consistency alters. This yogurt may get separated and it is better to stir it some minutes prior to consuming some of it.

Again, you are also advised to apply this defrosted yogurt for marinate, smoothies and many other cooking purposes, and in these options, you will not find out any difference. Freezing this yogurt may, however, not turn out the tasty and popular ice cream-like dessert.

Solid ice cream with yogurt needs some extra components. Thus, frozen greek yogurt may be considered to be only a hard rock.

If you ask about how long this yogurt can stay completely fresh, then you have to remember that for unopened one, the time is about seven to ten days. On the other hand, for opened ones, it is almost five to seven days.

Thus, the freezing process for all yogurts, including greek yogurts is almost same. If you find watery texture on the product, it indicates that the yogurt is now rancid, and you need to dispose of the food. Whether you have commercial yogurt or home-made yogurt, you have to follow the above guidelines to maintain the good condition of your yogurt.

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