Chin Reduction Surgery

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The shape of the chin maintains the balance of the face with the nose and the forehead. So sometimes chin reduction is necessary to maintain the balance of the face. To reduce the chin means to change the shape of the chin from its normal shape.

A large chin actually makes the appearance of a man ugly. This imbalance affects your psychology severely, and sometimes you can suffer from an inferiority complex.

What Is A Chin Reduction Surgery?

Chin Reduction Surgery

A chin reduction surgery is a plastic surgery that helps to maintain the balance of the shape properly by reducing the chin. Through this surgery , you can reshape your chin to get a good looking shape of the face.

The aim of the chin surgery is to get a proper projection of the chin and also to get a right height of the chin which balances properly the other parts of the face. A human face is divided into three parts. The upper part, middle part, and the lower part. There is a basic difference between the proportion of these three parts between men and women.

How Chin reduction surgery Works ? ( Steps by steps)

  • It is a clear fact that only a surgeon can perform this job in a private clinic or in a hospital.
  • The first step of the surgeon is to take a clear picture of the skeleton of the face to determine which part of the face he needs to operate. An x-ray of the face can only show the perfect place of the chin where he will operate to reshape the chin.
  • Most of the times the surgery is done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Also the doctor can serve you some medicine to numb the area where the operation will be done.
  • The doctor first cuts under the chin from outside or start the operation from inside the mouth. Now a pocket is made just under the muscles of the chin. Most of the times the surgeon use fat tissue or an artificial implant of silicon to fill the pocket. Remember, it is not necessary that implant is needed all the time. What procedure will be followed by the surgeon depends on the necessity of the specific shape of the chin.
Chin Surgery Before After - Image BY

Chin Surgery Before After – Image BY

  • If the surgeon puts an artificial implant, then it is necessary that the implant should be attached to the chin bone with screws or some other accessories. Now the doctor will take proper precaution to close the cut and to make the cut line invisible. If the surgeon starts the operation from inside the mouth, then it is obvious that the cut line is not visible at all. Sometimes surgeon has to remove some little bones.
  • It is a true fact that this is a very important operation and the surgeon needs to be very careful while performing this operation, because the success of the operation actually enhances the beauty of the face.


Persons suitable for the chin surgery:

  • Some persons are not at all happy with the shape of their chin, that means they are not happy with the appearance of the chin.
  • One important criteria for the candidates of this surgery is that they should be physically fit and mentally fine. Before the surgery, it is necessary that the surgeon should make the patient aware about the outcome of the surgery. So the candidate should be mentally fit to have this chin reduction surgery.
  • As already mentioned that the candidate should be mentally strong, because maybe sometimes you can have a good shape but not the desired shape. Also the doctor should be more realistic about the outcome and should inform the actual result that the candidate can actually acquire after the surgery
    chin reduction surgery before after

    chin reduction surgery before after

  • And the most important criteria is that the person should have crossed the age of 20 years. Because, after 20, the chin of a person can have the proper shape, that means if you are 20 years old then you can see the actual appearance of the chin.
  • One most important thing is that the patient should not suffer from any serious health problems like high blood pressure, or any blood disorder.

The above discussion reveals many aspects of chin reduction surgery , but all this discussion means nothing if you don’t know how much you have to pay to get this surgery done.

Chin reduction surgery cost

Calculator How Much Can You Afford or Save

Calculator How Much Can You Afford or Save .Image by

  • Chin reduction surgery is a plastic surgery. Now the price of the surgery varies from man to man. The reason behind it is that every face is different and the desires of the different person are different. If you have a high expectation then it is obvious that you have to be mentally prepared for the higher cost price. If you expect something critical, then the surgeon needs to work more and work hard to get the success.
  • Some factors you need to look after before calculating the cost of the surgery. If the surgeon uses higher quality implants then the cost must be higher. Also to get a complete surgery, there are some basic procedures like the anesthesia, proper modern equipments, and above all the highest quality operation theatre. So all these things together increase the cost of the surgery.
  • Sometimes surgeons charge separately the above-mentioned criteria like anesthesia and others, but the problem is separate bill needs some extra costs, and you must be aware of that. So when you are ready for the surgery, and you are going to pay a hefty amount of money, then it is your responsibility to learn all the billing process of the surgery from the beginning.
  • Apart from all these expenses, there are other expenses like, after care expenses, that means after the surgery you have to care about your skin. The first priority for you after the surgery is that you want to remove the scar from the chin. And to do this you need some medication, it may be costly. So this is an extra expense, and it adds some extra costs.

Conditions need to consider before the surgery:

chin reduction surgery

  • There are several conditions that you need to consider before approaching for the chin surgery. The first thing that you need to think is whether the surgery is truly necessary or not. So it is good to consult a doctor about the surgery and if the surgery is not necessary, then just go for the medication to enhance your beauty and appearance.
  • Some patients suffer mild nerve damage problem and skin problem after the surgery. Though the nerve damage problem is very rare, but still you should be aware about the fact. Because when you are going to pay for the surgery, then you should collect complete information about the post problems.
  • The next most essential thing that you need to understand how much money you are ready to spend for the surgery. That means before the surgery, you should make a budget that is suitable for you.
  • Next there are some health conditions that you should consider before the surgery. If you have any blood disorder, like hemophilia, or if you are suffering from high blood pressure, then it is obvious that the surgeon will not allow you to have this surgery.

Precautions that you need to take before the surgery:

There are some essential precautions that you should take before the surgery. The first step you should follow is to consult the doctor and collect all the essential information, so that there will be a very minimum chance of complication after the surgery.

Ask the doctor what you should drink and eat before the surgery, that means which food is suitable for you before the surgery.

If you are suffering from any health problem, but still the surgeon is ready for the surgery, then follow the advice of the surgeon strictly.

If you are a chain smoker, then you have to quit smoking for a certain number of days, as advised by the surgeon.

There are some more precautions that you can follow, but the above precautions are very important because this ultimately brings an easy and risk free surgery

Precautions you need to take after the surgery.

After the surgery you need to follow some precautions also. You should follow the advice of the surgeon. This is a plastic surgery, so you need some extra care about your skin after the surgery.

As already stated that your first priority should be to remove the scar from the chin. And the surgeon will prescribe you to have some gel or medicine to remove the scar.

The next thing is that you should follow the doctor’s advice about the previous treatment. Also, you should follow the rules and regulations about maintaining good health after the chin reduction surgery.


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