Cooking Ham In Oven

A Quick Way to Make Use of Oven to Cook Ham

Cooking ham they say is just like a walk in the park. Even the most least-experienced cooker can make good meals out of processed ham. But that is a wrong idea, given that this simple task is a bit tricky. In fact, it requires precision.

As you may all now know, if this processed meat is overcooked or undercooked, it can have a not-so-good taste, thus ruining the mood for a quality meal. When you plan to have a decent meal with ham as its main ingredient, you must learn a few tricks to cook it in a good way. By doing so, you are able to satisfy your taste buds and that of others that might also eat what you have prepared.

The Little Trick of Cooking Ham in an Oven

When we say “little trick” in this particular subject matter, it does not necessarily mean that it’s a simple thing to do, but rather one good way of dealing with problems involving cooking of ham.

Many are accustomed of slightly frying ham for breakfast as the only means to make use of this very delicious meat product. But that is only good when you are dealing for daily and simple needs such as a quick morning meal to satisfy the craving of your tummy.

But when you have the need to be a little more creative to impress others with your work, you will probably find an oven a very helpful kitchen tool to produce something good-looking and yummy out of simple ham meat you have in your fridge.

Try It Out For Yourself: Baking a Ham Using an Oven

Cooking Ham In Oven

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There are many things that you can do when cooking ham in oven. You can actually bake it using this wonderful machine. But in order for you to do that, you should know the proper steps to follow. That’s important if you don’t want to waste ham meat because of your little experimentation.

The steps are quite simple. You will find them as follows :

1. Before you begin, you have to prepare all the ingredients that you will need. Of course you need ham, and you should also prepare water, and brown sugar. All of these should be present in your kitchen so there is no need for you to go out and gather these ingredients for your little masterpiece.

2. When you have prepared all the ingredients, you should preheat your oven for about 15 minutes. The ideal temperature should be 350 degrees Fahrenheit or equivalent to 175 degrees Celsius. Make sure that you do this because this is a very important step in baking ham using your oven.

3. While doing the second step, you place the ham in a roasting pan. After that, carefully press whole cloves at the top of the meat. Make sure you do this with 1 to 2 inch intervals. Keep in mind that you should have clean hands when doing this to avoid contaminating meat itself.

4. After that, you pack the top of the ham with a layer of brown sugar. Be sure to do a good job with this one. Do not put too thick or too thin layer for it might have effects on the taste of the meat.brown sugar cooking ham

5. Get clean water and pour it to the bottom of the roasting pan until it fills about an inch deep.

6. After doing all of these, you cover the pan with aluminium foil or lid.

7. Put the finished product in the preheated oven and bake for 4 and ½ to 5 hours. This is the approximate time needed for the temperature of the ham to reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit or 72 degrees Celsius.

8. When checking the temperature of the ham, make sure that the device being used does not touch the bone of the meat.

9. Let it stand for around 20 minutes before serving.

10. Enjoy your own oven-baked ham with your friends and family.

Baking Ham: You’ll need to be patient to make this work

Delicious Baked Ham Using Oven

Delicious Baked Ham Using Oven

By now, you should know that you need to wait for at least 5 hours before you can enjoy what you have baked using your oven. That span of time is a perfect test for your patience as the cook.

Keep in mind that one of the wrong habits of those cooking for quite a long time is that they tend to check on what is being cooked from time to time. That is something that you should avoid.

When baking ham, you just need to check what is inside the oven one or two times and that should be done to see if the meat temperature has reached 160 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are not patient enough to wait, this is one process you should not start at all.

Some Problems You Might Encounter with Your Baked Ham

Although the finished product may turn out to be just fine, you might have some problems. One of the common things that disappoint those who have tried doing this is that they cannot taste the sweetness of the baked ham that should be brought about by the layer of brown sugar put at its top.

Overcooked meat might also become a problem especially for those who are trying this for the first time.

What Other People Say About This Recipe

When cooking ham in oven is the subject, baked ham usually gets at the top of the list of recipes to expect. There are many people from different parts of the world who have tried this.

They made use of different oven machines but arrived at the same finished product – a delicious baked ham that was enjoyed by their friends and family.

Children usually loves this recipe and for parents, this should not be a problem because according to those who have already tried this, it is quite easy to do and you don’t have to trouble yourself in finding or gathering the things and ingredients that are needed to make this yummy meal.

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