Everything About Double Eyelid Surgery ! Yeah , EVERYTHING

Why double eyelid surgery ?

Some people in this world have that chance to experience the whole cycle of life, from birth to adolescence to adulthood and to death. Some did not. The gift of life has been playful ever since it was created.

The moment that small cell of yours became part of this phenomenon, that was where your journey through that road. It was the time where people say that your fate had already been decided. Going through different phases of life, do you ever wonder why we grow? Why we become taller? Why we become bigger? But among these questions, there is one more important question we keep asking ourselves, why do our bodies keep getting older?

The society has instilled different thoughts in our mind about how we look, how we should keep our eyebrows on point, the idea of keeping your looks at a good-looking stage, and that specific thought to remove that dark bags hiding under our eyes.

For a different instance, our eyelids tend to become a bit flabby, making our eyebrows languish. It does not just look terribly wrong but it is also a reason for us to lose that perfect peripheral vision we are so protective about. You may now be wondering where I am leading you.

For this article, we will be focusing on those droopy eyelids that I had previously mentioned. That sagging skin we find around our eyes definitely makes us look older. Seeing that tirelessly will have the tendency of landing you with depression especially when you always want to look good. But hey, if you really have that kind of saggy problem around your eyes then maybe it is time to consider having those eyelids unblocked. Have you ever heard of Blepharoplasty, or in simple terms, “The Double Eyelid Surgery”?

What is Blepharoplasty ?

Double eyelid surgery

Before and after surgery

This is a kind of surgery being done by licensed professionals to take off that excess skin or fat from your eyelids.  Considering that you will have that eyelid of yours, we have to know what is this all about. It is wise to know a lot of information about this medical procedure before we really get into it. Firstly, there are 2 parts of Blepharoplasty and these are:

  • Upper Blepharoplasty / Upper Eyelid Surgery
  • Lower Blepharoplasty / Lower Eyelid Surgery

Upper Blepharoplasty

This phase of double eyelid surgery is done by lacerating the upper eyelid to enable the surgeons to remove the skin and fat. After removing the skin and fat, it will be sewn with thin stitches to bring back the skin together so that there will be the creation of an eyelid bulge.

Lower Blepharoplasty

For this phase, different skin incisions can be used. It can either be precisely under the hash line or it can be incised inside the eyelid which can also be coined as a ‘transconjunctival approach’. This technique used enables access to your eyelid without noticeable lacerations. It also perfectly blends with laser resurfacing to trim down your wrinkles. This style will also be perfect for those who will be required to have those fats removed.

In addition, this process usually goes under on an outpatient footing to help you make up your mind whether you will want to have it done or not. Through consulting on an outpatient basis, it will give you the opportunity to know more about its benefits, risks and disadvantages on a realistic manner.

Why Do We Need Double eyelid surgery?

Double eyelid surgery . IMG by Wikipedia

Double eyelid surgery . IMG by Wikipedia

Double eyelid surgery needs to be done for a number of reasons:

  • To westernize the appearance of your eyelids
  • To remove double baggy eyelids and excessive skin that obstructs your peripheral vision
  • To get rid of those bags under your eyes and some of the excess skin on your lower eyelid

These concerns we need to consider can be the criteria for choosing whether or not to go for it. If you are certain that you want to have this operation done, try consulting on different professionals first.

What are the risks of Blepharoplasty ?

There are a lot of things to consider first before actually deciding to have it done on your eyelids. The possible dangers that you may face are:

  • Association with anesthesia and blood clots may cause an allergic reaction
  • Possible cardiac and pulmonary complexities
  • Loss of eyesight (rare case)
  • Blurred vision (temporary)
  • Infection / Bleeding
  • Might have a hard time closing your eyes
  • Might cause different eyelid problems
  • Skin color inconsistency
  • Eye muscle injury
  • Scarring and the need for a follow-up surgery (1)


These points should always be considered, as this medical procedure might induce different problems. Having these considered is a must for those who are interested. If you do not want to possibly experience some of those that I have mentioned, then do not try this procedure. But if you really want to have that eyelid of yours look better, have a thorough consultation with your doctor and plan it accordingly with the most-trusted licensed professionals.

Be prepared for Blepharoplasty, How?

If you have set your mind for this course, then it is required for you to know how to be prepared for this procedure. It is sensible for a potential patient to be informed about all aspects of Blepharoplasty. So before you take part in it, have these things be established.


Setting a Blepharoplasty procedure, the first part should always be consulting first with your Opthalmologist or an eye specialist and a plastic surgeon. It is a must to have them at perfect sync regarding this matter as this attempt will cause horrific problems when executed wrongly.

So have your expectations about this operation set by closely discussing it with them to enable you to see a glimpse of what can be the outcome of this surgery.

Medical History

For your chosen surgeon, he will be asking you a series of questions that involves your previous medical history. If you have been operated before, had past or present medical condition like allergies, diabetes, dry eyes, glaucoma or other circulatory or thyroid problems you should let them know.

They will also conduct an interview regarding what were the past and present medications you have taken and are currently taking. You should inform them of what vitamins and supplements have you been taking and you should tell them if you are drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes.

When you have finished the first phase of this entire procedure, you will have to experience different types of examinations before going through your surgery

Physical Examination

This examination serves as a record for your surgeon in terms of your eyelid’s tear production and the qualifications of the parts of your eyelids.

Visual Test

This exam is facilitated by your Opthalmologist. They will check the primary conditions of your eye vision and your peripheral vision. This is done for the insurance claims that can be done

Eyelid Photography

eyelid photography

In helping with the planning of the whole surgical procedure, photographs of your eyes from different points of view should be captured. These photos taken will help assess its actual and long-term effects.

During the entire season of the surgery, the expectations you have set before when you were discussing it with your doctors will be happening one step at a time. And there are instances that those expectations you have made are not really all of it, some things can still add up to it. So for this part, you have to prepare yourself what may happen during the procedure, and after the procedure.

During the procedure

As your surgery is on the process, your surgeon will perform the operation on your upper and lower eyelids. Most of the time, they start on your upper eyelids, then starts cutting on the fold of your eyelid to remove residual skin, muscle and fat, afterwards closing the cut with thin stitches.

Here comes the lower eyelid. Here, the surgeon puts an incision just below your lashes or inside your lower lid. Again, removing or revamping excess fat, muscle skin then closes the cut.

There are some procedures that need to perform what we call as “Ptosis”. If your eyelids sag near your eye’s pupil, this is done to tend to this problem. (2)

After the procedure

Here comes the more stressful part. During the procedure you will feel less pain, but after, there comes that time where we feel that sting on our eyelids. After the surgery, you will be delivered to a recovery room to help yourself in recuperating from the operation.

You are constantly monitored then after they decide to dispense you, you can finally continue that rest at home. After the surgeon have performed the double eyelid surgery on you, it is also relevant to know how long it takes to fully recover from it.

For some patients, it takes just a short time to recover after Blepharoplasty. Just be ready with looking slightly different from your original look because of the swellings and bruises that might pop up as these are at their worst during the first few days.

Be mindful of the following things that will be listed down might possibly be experienced, but please do not panic because this will only be temporary.

  • Double Vision
  • Teary Eyes
  • Redness on the incisions
  • Sensitivity to Light
  • Blurred Vision
  • Increased Pain

During your recovery time at home, you will be required by your doctor to follow the steps he will instruct you. After the surgery, this is the phase that consumes more time. That is why you have to be patient and be disciplined in following these things.

  • To reduce the swelling of the wounds, apply cold compresses regularly
  • To hasten your regeneration rate, please avoid smoking
  • Avoid heavy physical activities such as sports and exercise just for a few days
  • Using the prescribed medical eyedrops and ointments, gently clean your eyelids
  • If you are going out of your home, wear dark-tinted sunglasses to cover your eyelids from the sun and the wind
  • When sleeping, have your head be raised higher than your chest, for a few days
  • If you are regularly taking supplements, vitamins or other medications, please do not take it until you are advised by your doctor
  • If you are required by your doctor to come back to remove the residual stitches, be prompt about it

Now there are cases where after the surgery was done, different complications occur. So if you are experiencing these things that are on the list, or even those that are not included but you feel that it needs to be tended by then go straight to the hospital to have it checked.

  • Chest Pains
  • Unusual Bleeding
  • Bizarre Heart Rate
  • Vision Problems
  • Extreme Eye Pain

How Much Does Blepharoplasty Cost ?


Blepharoplasty. Image by catchyscoop.com

This procedure may cost you with a high price. At an average rate of $4500, you will have the chance to avail this surgery. But, please bear in mind that it will not always be at that price. Those of which who are vying to have this operation should always consider the fact that there are different cases and different people who are inquiring about it.

So it is wise for those who will be deciding to spend their money for this if they will consult directly to their trusted doctors. There are a lot of procedures that can be performed that is why it will vary depending on what process you need to have.

The people who are acquiring this procedure pay with different methods, but there are instances that they are depending on insurances. Please take note that if you will use your insurance, they will only cover the cost for the upper eyelid surgery. Since there are other tests and procedures that must be done, it is wise to prepare a different mode of payment.

If you really want to use your insurance for this operation, have it sorted out with your insurance carrier. Every approved transaction that they will cover requires photographs or hard proof that you are actually taking part in such an activity. Do not forget to get these proofs to have your Blepharoplasty experience be approved.

Double Eyelid Surgery Results

Most of the people who had undergone double eyelid surgery revealed how glad they were to have their eyelids revived. These people say that this process ensures its patients with more confidence as they testified that they look younger and more rested than before.

They are happy that the youthful image they used to have is back on its way to them no matter how much they have aged. For some, they had to undergo this procedure as sagging eyelids reappeared, but they do not mind. Luckily, there are others who benefits Blepharoplasty’s results for a lifetime.

If you are really decided on having that young look you once had, save up, and have it all back with the help of this world’s trusted professionals to guide us in this decision we have to make.


CatchyScoop Team