Fried Brussels Sprouts Health Benefits & How To Cook It

Fried Brussels Sprouts

It is quite understandable why many people consider fried Brussels sprouts the most hated vegetable in the US and UK due to their offensive smell, but these vegetables are actually packed with plenty of helpful nutrients for your body.

Brussels sprouts are quite healthy and the notorious odor only comes out if they are overcooked, which is what you should avoid in the first place to preserve the natural goodness and nutrients in the vegetables. (1)

What are Brussels sprouts?

Brussels sprouts fall in the family of cruciferous vegetables along with cabbages and broccoli. This type of veggies is rich in anti-oxidants which promote better health. They are also low in calories, yet provide sufficient amounts of proteins, minerals, and vitamins that your body needs.

The odor in overcooked Brussels sprouts is not harmful to the body. It simply comes with a sulfur compound found in the vegetable called glucosinolate, which actually provides numerous health benefits to the body. Glucosinolate helps to fight cancer too.(2)

So when you next feel like turning your nose away from Brussels sprouts, think of the health benefits first, and give the vegetable a try instead.

Health benefits of eating Fried Brussels Sprouts

A cast iron skillet with fried brussels sprouts

A cast iron skillet with fried brussels sprouts

Let’s look at a few of the main health benefits you get from a plate of well fried Brussels sprouts and maybe many will stop giving the vegetable a wide berth when it is served as a side dish along with your favorite meal.

A good source of protein that’s low in calories and fat   

Half a cup of Brussels sprouts gives you 28 calories only and very minimal amounts of fat. When eaten as a side dish, Brussels sprouts provide a better alternative in weight management than other high calorie foods. You get 2 grams of protein every time you eat half a cup of Brussels sprouts.

The vegetable may not have all the necessary amino acids that complete proteins such as dairy or meat have, but if you included grains like whole wheat pasta and brown rice in the meal, you’ll have all the amino acids your body needs. Fried Brussels sprouts are a perfect choice for anyone looking for a hearty alternative that is low in calories.

Detoxify by eating fried Brussels sprouts

Detoxify by eating fried Brussels sprouts

Some of the most popular trends in the health industries today involve juice cleansers and expensive detoxes sold in stores across the country. One thing people fail to understand is that detoxification is an on-going process that your body needs to perform every day.

You can only support your body’s detox efforts by giving it the right foods such as Brussels sprouts. Glucosinolate plays a key role in promoting detoxification by activating enzymes responsible for eliminating cancer causing substances from the body.

Antioxidants in Brussels sprouts ensure that the toxins are broken down and safely eliminated from the body. (3)

Good source of fiber

This unique type of vegetables provides a good source of fiber that helps regulate your digestive system. Half a cup of sprouts contain 6 grams of carbohydrates, 3 of which are from fiber. Eating sufficient amounts of sprouts protects your colon and prevents frequent constipation. It also helps in lowering cholesterol. (4)

Source of vitamins and minerals

There are over 20 essential vitamins and minerals in Brussels sprouts. For example, half a cup of sprouts gives you 48.4 mg of vitamin C. The vegetable also contains high levels of vitamin A which helps in eyesight, vitamin K which is essential

The vegetable also contains high levels of vitamin A which helps in eyesight, vitamin K which is essential in blood clotting and strengthening muscles, and other useful elements such as folate, vitamin E, magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorous, calcium, copper, and manganese just to mention a few.

Protection against cancer and heart diseases

We all know how cancer has emerged as a leading cause of death in the developed world. A simple but quite effective way of reducing your risk of getting cancer is by incorporating fried Brussels sprouts in your meal every so often.

The glucosinolate found in Brussels sprouts helps your body to make a cancer fighting enzyme called isothiocyanates. The enzyme is also quite effective in reducing risks of getting heart disease. (5)

How to cook fried brussel sprouts

fresh cut brussel sprout vegetables

fresh cut brussel sprout vegetables

Preparation is an important step in making a nice side dish of Brussels sprouts. Start by peeling off the darker outside layer. The leaves on the outer layer are a bit tougher than those in the inner layers.

Always use neutral oil when frying Brussels sprouts such peanut oil. You can use either a deep fryer or a stove if you don’t have a deep fryer. A long pair of tongs or a deep-frying basket may be necessary for your safety.

The sprouts should be dry before you immerse them in the hot oil. Frying them while still hot will create violent splatters that can be dangerous. Do not overcrowd the deep-fryer or pot. Fry the sprouts in small batches.

You’ll know the sprouts are cooked when the edges of the leaves turn golden brown. Keep in mind that the inner leaves will still be green. Don’t try to fry them until the inner leaves turn color or you might burn the sprouts, or worse, you will give them an offensive smell.

You can remove the excess oil on the deep-fried sprouts by draining them on paper towels. Drying them will also remove the excess fat, but remember, you need that nice oil flavor so don’t dry them too much.

Dress the fried Brussels sprouts in lime juice and salt, although you can still toss them in a fish sauce and still enjoy the meal. You can also dress them in lime juice, minced chilli, garlic, sugar, and fresh herbs just to mention a few options. Remember, sprouts are best eaten hot, preferably after frying.

There are many ways you can create a hearty meal by combining Brussels sprouts with your favorite dishes.

Here is a delicious fried Brussels sprouts recipe you can easily make at home.

Seared Sprouts

Seared Sprouts By

Seared Sprouts By

If you want to make the sprouts really delicious make sure to fry them in very hot oil. The side you cut will of course sear just like the leaves will give them a toasty charred taste that even kids will love. Remember to keep the flavor mild rather than strong.


  • One pound of Brussels sprouts
  • Four tablespoons of olive oil
  • Freshly ground pepper and salt.


Start by preparing the sprouts by chopping off the ends and then cut each in half via the stem end. Next, heat the oil over medium-high heat preferably in a large skillet made of cast iron. Let the skillet heat until it’s almost smoking, then place the sprouts gently inside the oil.

Switch the heat to medium and sear the sprouts on side until they turn golden brown. This takes around 3 minutes. Turn the Brussels sprouts over and fry the other side until it is also nicely browned. A few leaves will be charred but not to mind. Remove the sprouts from the heat and season with salt before serving.

You may also opt to make steamed Brussels sprouts as another alternative to fried ones. Just make sure to steam them until they are tender to avoid losing their beneficial nutrients. Sprinkle the steamed sprouts with a mix of fresh garlic and olive oil to create a delicious side dish. You can also add them to a green salad or a pasta sauce and your family will love them.

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