Everything You Need To Know About Hormone Therapy for Weight Loss

As an individual continues to age, the ability to lose weight starts to become increasingly tough. This is irrespective of your diet and the amount you exercise, weight loss just seems to elude you. While this can be discouraging, it is important to know that the cause of this lies actually in your hormones and is not directly your fault or within your direct control. Weight gain as a person ages is largely due to an imbalance in the body’s hormones.

Hormones and Weight Loss

Hormones are largely in charge of your bodily functions. As you continue to grow older, the natural level of hormones in your body decrease. It is a medical fact that at age 30 and onwards, the production of the growth hormone declines, while after the age of 40, women start to face a decline in estrogen while men begin to see a decline in the levels of testosterone. This leads to a gradual imbalance of the hormones needed to allow your body to properly regulate the various processes that encourage loss in body weight. This is manifested outwardly by a slower metabolism rate, accumulation of body fat in the abdomen area and a noticeable decrease in levels of energy for physical exercise.

A study that was published by the US National Library of Medicine, under the aegis of the National Institute of Health  focused on the beneficial effects of hormone replacement therapy on weight loss in overweight women (1). The objective of the study was, and I quote, “to study the metabolic effects of combined hormone replacement therapy using indirect calorimetry”. The conclusion of the study found that “combined hormone replacement therapy, not only prevent weight gain but also favored weight loss by significantly increasing lipid oxidation after 3 months of treatment” (About the cost )

Hormone Replacement Therapy For Weight Loss

With hormone replacement therapy, the hormone imbalance in your body can be rectified by topping up the levels of the lost hormones which gives back the body’s previous ability to lose weight. That said, since not all hormones
are designed identically, medical practitioners strongly recommend choosing a form of hormone replacement therapy which makes use of “bioidentical hormones’” in place of synthetic ones.

hormone decline with age

hormone decline with age

According to a report published by the Harvard Medical School, bioidentical hormones have a molecular build up that is a carbon copy of the hormones naturally created in our bodies (2). They are not naturally formed and, therefore, have to be synthesized or created. Bioidentical hormone therapy is often times known as  “Natural Hormone Therapy” due to the fact that the synthetically created bioidentical hormones completely replicate the way that the hormones produced in our bodies perform. Therapy using bioidentical hormones may actually be safer and instances of side effects are very rare.

HCG Hormone Therapy For Weight Loss

Unfortunately, due to eating habits or the nature of lifestyle, a large proportion of adults in the United States are obese or suffering from weight problems. HCG hormone therapy for weight loss is gaining popularity and HCG based injections are being used to achieve weight loss goals. Here is how this works.

Our bodies inherently have a number of fat cells that are meant to be used for various necessary functions in the body. These functions can include providing protection to our vital organs while regulating the appropriate levels of nutrition for overall body health. As essential as these fat cells can be, if our bodies start to store them in excess, it can be harmful. This excess level of fat is usually stored in body parts like the thighs, abdominal region and hips. HCG injections provides us with the ability to rid our bodies of this excess, harmful fat. (3)

HCG injections work best when combined with a calorie restrictive diet which leads to a maximum amount of fat burnt which in turn results to a stunning rate of weight loss. It is generally advised that a person using HCG injections for weight loss be restricted to 500 to 800 calories each day. Using HCG therapy for weight loss has the added benefit of ensuring that only the excess fat is used for energy and body functions while the existing muscle tissue and the essential fats are retained for normal bodily function. A user using HCG and the related diet plan to the letter, can lose up to 1 to 2 pounds of body weight a day.

Benefits of HCG hormone therapy

HCG Hormone Therapy For Weight Loss

One of the benefits of HCG hormone therapy for weight loss, besides the obvious benefit of losing accumulated weight, especially when combined with a calorie limited diet, is prevention of muscle loss. While consuming a low calorie diet may be good for weight loss, but if it leads to loss of the body’s muscle tissue in the process, the effect may not be what is desired. Muscle tissue not only aides in the normal functions of the body but also helps in keeping your metabolic rate up. If the body loses muscle tissue, it may lead to a lower metabolic rate which will make weight loss more difficult.

HCG hormone therapy also increases the body’s metabolic rate. Metabolic rate can be understood as the rate at which the body burns calories. The HCG hormone therapy also increases the resting metabolic rate which in turn leads to the body to continue burning fat even when not engaged in physical exercise.

Unlike other weight loss programs, HCG hormone therapy for weight loss, even with its calorie restricted diet, does not lead to the hunger pangs or the need to excessively. This ensures that you can keep to your diet plan and be successful in your weight loss efforts.

HCG hormone replacement therapy for weight loss is relatively cheaper than other weight loss programs. One of the reasons why HCG hormone therapy is easy on the pocket is that you will not have to undergo the treatment regularly. This is because, once you use it, its weight loss benefits should stay with you as long as you continue to be strict on your diet.

Coming to the potential side effects and safety concerns of HCG hormone therapy for weight loss, though this therapy has not yet received approval from the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, it has gathered a number of good reviews from patients that have gone through the program. That said, some users of this therapy program have faced some side effects while some others have not observed any at all. Some side effects can include, pain in the stomach and pelvic region, vomiting, minor bloating, irritability, headaches and excess perspiration in the hands and legs. To reduce these side effects, mostly caused by change in diet habits, it is advisable to start an early diet transition program before starting with the HCG therapy. (4)


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