How is yogurt made ?

Value of yogurt .

If you are concerned about your health then you must know the nutritional value of yogurt. Do you know how much yogurt is useful for your body?

Your body needs an adequate amount of good bacteria to improve your digestive system. According to medical science good bacteria are also known as probiotic and it literally means “for life”.

Yogurt is made of adequate amount of good bacteria. Moreover, we all know that yogurt is a milk product so it provides adequate amount of calcium, animal protein, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12, magnesium and potassium. Because of having so many health benefits you must put it on your daily health chart.

After knowing about the benefits you may be interested to know the making process of yogurt. Let’s find out how is yogurt made steps by steps together . Read on

How to make yogurt at your home ?

Yogurt making process at home is divided into three parts. However, every part is very simple. First let’s see all the required ingredients:

Ingredients: You have to collect all the required ingredients from the market before starting process. Here are the ingredients which you may need:

  • The main ingredient is milk. You can choose the amount of milk. It depends what amount of yogurt you are going to make
  • Adequate amount of sugar
  • Little amount of existing yogurt. Otherwise, you can add dry bacteria
  • If you wish then you can add one pinch of salt
  • ¼ cup of dry milk to make it thicker
  • You can add any essence, according to your choice

Last three ingredients are optional. You may use those to make yogurt thicker and tastier .

Part 1: Mixing Milk

how is yogurt made


Heating milk

First of all you have to heat the milk to 85 degree Celsius. At first you have to choose two large pots, so that one gets fit into another. Then create a double boiler.

These double pots actually prevent milk from burning. This is why it is preferable, but if you do not have such kind of pots, then you can heat milk directly, but you have to monitor it and constantly stir the milk. Stir milk until it starts to make foam. You need to heat the milk to 85 degree Celsius.

Heating the milk is very important step to make yogurt perfectly. This is why it is suggested to measure the temperature by a thermometer.

You can use any kind of milk, such as cow milk, pasteurized milk, dry milk powder, organic, homogenized and so on. Remember pasteurized milk is processed to high temperature. This is why if you are using pasteurized milk, then you do not need to heat it to again. It is recommended to make yogurt using the normal cow milk.


After heating the milk, it is important to make it cool. There so many ways to make the milk cool but the best way cold water bath. This is the fastest cooling process.

Best part of this is that it helps to lower the temperature quickly and evenly and you do not need to stir the milk frequently. Make sure that the temperature has reduced to desired temperature before going to nest step. Temperature must be below 49 degree Celsius.

Add bacteria

Adding bacteria is the essential part of making yogurt. Make sure that the temperature of the milk is below 49 degree Celsius before adding bacteria to milk.

You can add good bacteria in so many ways. The easiest way is to add little amount of existing yogurt to cold milk. Existing yogurt will help to form more number of good bacteria.

Remember that existing yogurt must be fresh and unflavored. There is an alternative way. You can use dried freeze bacteria to the cold milk which can be more effective.

Add non-fat dry milk

This step is optional. If you wish, you can add ½ cup of dry non-fat milk. It will increase the nutritional value and yogurt will be thicker.

Mixing milk well

Once the milk gets cool add two tablespoons of existing yogurt. After adding it stir the milk until it gets mixed well with the milk. Mixing is the very important part. You can use a hand blender to blend it well. Blend it in the way so that bacteria can be evenly distributed throughout the milk.


Part 2: Nurture the bacteria

Put the mixture in a container

After completion of the mixing process put the mixture in a container. Remember, container should have a proper lid. Cover the container with the lid tightly. Plastic wrap also can be used for this.

Allow the yogurt to produce bacteria

This step yogurt will produce bacteria. After pouring the mixture in a container keep it for seven to eight hours. Keep the container with the lid as long as much you can without jiggling. After seven to eight hours there will be custard like layer on the top.

This layer ensures you that yogurt is made in the right way. This greenish layer will form thicker yogurt later. Remember, the incubation of bacteria should be done in a perfect way

Another incubating method

There are several ways to produce bacteria. Temperature plays a very big role. Make sure that the temperature remains same throughout the yogurt making process. One of the easiest ways is to use yogurt maker. Let’s take a look at the following steps:

Yogurt maker

Yogurt maker

  1. Using yogurt maker is the most convenient way to make yogurt perfectly. At first preheat the oven to the desired temperature. You may use a thermometer to measure the temperature. After heating the oven turn off the oven but don’t forget to switch on the oven light. It will help to maintain the temperature. Remember that the oven should not get too hot
  2. You may need food dehydrator, heating pad or warm rice cooker for other methods.
  3. If you do not have the above mentioned things then you can perform the other methods using a sunny window, or a car. Light can reduce the nutritional value of yogurt; this is why yogurt should not be exposed on light. Temperature should not get lower than 38 degree Celsius.

Select a yogurt maker

There are so many yogurt makers available in the market. But choose the maker wisely. Here are some types of yogurt maker:

  1. The resistance heated yogurt maker is very popular. It is not so expensive, so that everyone can buy it.
  2. Temperature regulating yogurt maker is also very popular but it is very expensive because this maker needs several types of electronic component. Best part of this yogurt maker is that it can maintain the temperature efficiently
  3. For the commercial use you can select the yogurt maker which can maintain the factory temperature
  4. You may find the combination of above-mentioned features in a yogurt maker. This one is expensive but meets all the requirements whatever you need to make yogurt

Why to choose yogurt maker

As previously discussed temperature is very important factor to make yogurt. It is more important to regulate temperature throughout the yogurt making process. Measuring temperature can be difficult by thermometer. Yogurt maker can regulate temperature in most convenient way and yogurt will be thicker and tangier

Placed cooled milk in the yogurt maker

After pouring the mixed milk into the container place the container in the yogurt maker

Cover the container with lid

It is very important to cover the container with lid tightly because it will maintain the temperature of the container which is necessary to form bacteria


After switch on the yogurt maker you should check in the mean-time whether yogurt has firmed up or not. Entire process can take maximum 12 hours. It is not possible to form thicker yogurt in shorter time.

Longer time will provide you a thicker and perfect yogurt. Moreover longer time makes yogurt more digestible

Remove the container

Now it’s the time to remove the container from the yogurt maker. Once container is removed keep the yogurt into the refrigerator to make it cool. Keep it into the refrigerator at least for 10 to 12 hours

Check before serving

Make sure that yogurt is ready to server. Jiggling the container, if yogurt does not move then yogurt is ready to serve.

Part 3: Add finishing touches before serving

Delicious fresh raspberries and blueberries topping a bowl of creamy yogurt for a healthy snack or dessert served with a spoon on a rustic wooden picnic table, with copyspace

Delicious fresh raspberries and blueberries topping a bowl of creamy yogurt for a healthy snack or dessert served with a spoon on a rustic wooden picnic table, with copyspace

  • If you want to have thicker consistency in yogurt then strain yogurt through the cheesecloth. Put a colander in a large bowl along with cheesecloth. After this you can keep yogurt in a pot and put it in the refrigerator. Leave it for overnight and you will get thicker like a creamy yogurt
  • Cold yogurt is always tasty. If you wish you can keep yogurt for times before serving. There are so many commercial yogurts which use thickening product to make yogurt thicker. Generally pectine, gelatine, starch are sued to make yogurt thicker.
  • You can add additional flavour to it to make it tastier. You can add maple syrup, ice cream fudges to it. Moreover you can add some fruits to increase its nutritional value

You made it to the end ! That’s how is yogurt made . In this way you can make yogurt for your home or commercial use. It is recommended to use yogurt maker when you are making large amount of yogurt for commercial purpose.


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