How To Cook Fennel – From Preparing to Cooking Most Popular Recipes

Getting Started : Interesting Facts About Fennel

Cooking is a wonderful past time. Individual who loves to eat, loves to cook too. Venturing on new dishes and preparing your own healthy recipe can be very exciting and fun. Individuals who are following a healthy diet always take the time to search for the best ingredients that delivers lots of healthy benefits to the body.

More and more people now realize that a healthy lifestyle is more important if you want to lead a long healthy life. That is the reason why more people are on to organic foods and vegetable and do away with fast foods. This is one reason for the growing market of organic fruits and vegetables.

Every fruits and vegetable have its own health benefits to offer but there is one vegetable that is a bit supreme than the others. Fennel might not be that popular in other countries but in Europe and the United States, this incredible plant is a favorite. This plant has been a favorite for centuries because of its medicinal aspect and culinary properties.

How To Cook Fennel
Fennel is famous for its seeds, although all of its parts are really edible. Practically all parts of Fennel can be used to create delicious dishes. From its stalks to its roots, you can make a flavorful dishes and can even experiment new menus that would surely entertain your taste buds.

You also have the option to consume the vegetables raw or cooked. As the article progress, you will know how to cook Fennel as well as how to prepare Fennel and other important information you need to know about the plant.

Fennel belongs to the carrot family – Umbellifereae family and it is a flowering plant group. Physically it has feathery leaves with yellow flowers and these plants originate in the Mediterranean, but you can now find it in other parts of the world especially in drylands near the sea and riverbanks. That is why Fennel is famous and is part of the food culture of most Europian countries. This vegetable is often associated with an Italian Menu. You will find Fennel in almost all of their dishes if not, it is often served as meal-ender.

Fennel has a rich history that dates back to the ancient Greeks where Fennel is still known by another name – “Marathon” (1). The plant was found to grow in the field where the great ancient battles happen. This ancient battle was known as the Battle of Marathon named after the plant found growing in the field. The Greeks, as well as the Romans, have deep respects to Fennel’s culinary and medicinal properties.

Its scientific name is Foeniculum Vulgare and this plant is not only cultivated in Europe but is now cultivated too in other parts of the world like the Unite States, India, Russia, and France. This only shows the increasing market of Fennel worldwide.

Health Benefits of Fennel

Health Benefits Of Fennel

Quote : fennel is very good for tummy and like spice is yummy-yummy

Heart Health: The fiber in Fennel is good for cardiovascular health. Aside from that its folate, potassium, vitamin B6, phytonutrient, and vitamin C content supports a healthy heart. The risk of heart attack is lesser since the fiber found in Fennel helps lower the total cholesterol in the blood.

Bone Health: Fennel contains Vitamin K, Zinc, Manganese, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron essential in maintaining and building bone. The balance of these menirals is important in maintaining a healthy bone structure. Calcium and Phosphate are the two minerals needed to maintain healthy bones. Zinc and Iron are important in the production of collagen.

Low intakes of Vitamin K results to bone loss so that the right consumption of Vitamin K is important to maintain good bone health. All of this meniral are all found in Fennel making it a good supplement to promote bone health. (2)

Skin Health: Fennel is rich in Vitamin C so that this vegetable is good for the skin. Collagen relies most upon Vitamin C for nutrients. The skin is supported with Collagen so that consuming fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C feeds the skin with the right nutrients.

Fennel is found to be antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune system booster, aids in digestion, helps regulate bowel movement, estrogen and weight management.

Awareness of health benefits of Fennel makes it more in demand in the market. Consumers are now health conscious and they choose to eat healthy foods. However, be warned that too much consumption of Fennel is not good too. Too much consumption can lead to different neural problems, irregular heartbeat, palpitations and difficulty breathing. Make sure to consume moderately. (3)

Storing and Selection of Fennel

How to store fennel

Raw Organic Fennel Bulbs Ready to cooking. in a box

When shopping for Fennel, One should know how to choose a good quality Fennel. Do away with Fennels that have a bruise or even signs of spotting. Find a Fennel bulb that is clean, solid, and is white in color. Stalks should be straight and firm. Leaves and stalks should be green and its aromatic smell of anise only shows its freshness. Do away with Fennels that has flowering buds for this shows the Fennel is past its maturity. Choose one that is real fresh. You will know it by its color and crispness and its smell.

Fennel is best to consume right after purchase since it easily loses its crispness and flavor as you store it. Blanching the Fennel is recommended before storing in the refrigerator. It is in this process that much of its flavor is gone thus it is best to consume it after purchase.

On the other hand, Fennel seed can be stored for a longer time as long as you keep it in an airtight jar and keep it in a dry and cool place. But, you can keep it fresh for quite some time if you keep the jar in the refrigerator.

How to prepare Fennel

How to prepare Fennel for cooking? Preparing Fennel for cooking is easy and fast. What is more amazing with this vegetable is that not a single part of it is thrown to waste. Every part of the plant from its base to the leaves can be used for cooking.

First, separate the stalks from the bulb. You can slice the bulb as you desired. How to cut Fennel depends on how you cook it or depends on your Fennel recipe. You can slice it vertically, cubed or chunked. For the stalks, you can use it for stew or soaps. The leaves are usually used as herb seasoning. You can also mince the leaves and use it to top any fruit and vegetable salad.

How To Cook Fennel

Salad with cucumber, fennel, green onions and mint on a white plate

Salad with cucumber, fennel, green onions and mint on a white plate

How to cook Fennel? There are a lot of ways to cook Fennel. Fennel is best served raw or cooked. It emits different flavors when served raw as salad and when served as cooked dish. As a cooked dish, Fennel can be sauteed, grilled. roasted, and steamed. You can enjoy it as a side dish by simply sauteing a Fennel with Onions and dash of your favorite seasonings.

And for salads, you can combine Fennel with Orange and Avocado for a unique tasting dessert. Fennel is also great in combination with Salmon. There are a lot of great recipes for Fennel which you can prepare easily.

Fennel cooking mostly makes use of the bulb and stalks leaving you with the fronds. Are fronds good as junk then? Definitely not, you can use Fronds as herbal seasoning. You can use it to top salads or use it with grilled fish. How to cook Fennel Fronds? Just about as anything you can think of, but mainly you can use it as the herbal seasoning for any of your favorite dish.

Basic and Most Common Ways to Cook Fennel

Grilling: Always wash the Fennel thoroughly before slicing. Cut the Fennel bulb like you are cutting an Onion. Slice it at least half an inch thick. Coat the slice Fennel with an Olive oil and a dash of seasoning of your choice. Grilled for ten minutes on both sides.

Sauteed: Slice it like an Onion at half an inch thick. Put olive oil in the pan and saute the sliced Fennel along with salt and pepper and your preferred seasoning. Cook it for five minutes until tender.

Roasting: Cut the Fennel bulb to quarters. You can add your choice of vegetables with the Fennel bulb. Lightly coat the vegetables and Fennel bulb with olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper along with your favorite seasonings. Roast for about forty-five minutes.

Broth: Slice Fennel stalks into cubes. Pour it with any vegetable or meat base along with other vegetables of your choice. Season it with your favorite seasoning. Simmer it on medium heat for about thirty minutes or until the vegetables are soft.

These are the most common ways to cook Fennel. You do not need to search for any recipe. You can experiment on your own and even come up with a unique combination of vegetables, meat, and fish. But, of course for special occasions or events, you need to prepare a special dish too. You can actually search online for special recipes for Fennel. With that here is two of the most top rated Fennel Recipe online.

Two Most Popular Fennel Recipe as Rated Online

1. Fennel and Lemon Risotto

Fennel & lemon risotto

Image By Goodfood magazine


1 Big Fennel Bulb with trimmed base
1 Tablespoon Butter
1 Finely Chopped Onion
1 Clove finely chopped Garlic
140 gram Risotto Rice
175 ml White Wine
550 ml Hot Vegetable Stock
1 Lemon
25 gram Parmesan


Chop Fennel Fronds and set aside after. Cut the stalks and remove the outer layer and chop it finely. Put all the butter in the pan and start cooking the chopped Fennel with the Onion and Garlic until soft.

Add Risotto rice and stir for about a minute before adding some of the White Wine. Simmer until it starts to evaporate then start to add slowly the vegetable stock (500 ml). Add it one at a time stirring between additions until it is absorbed.

Slice the remaining Fennel and fry it in butter until brown. Add the remaining wine and stock and cook until the Fennel gets tender.

When the rice is cooked, add the seasoning and the Parmesan. Turn off the heat and set aside for two minutes. Served it in a bowl topped with the cooked Fennel and Fennel Fronds. You have the option to stir in prawns if you want to.

This recipe is easy to prepare and cook. It takes about 15 minutes to prepare the ingredients and another 20 minutes to cook. The recipe is rated five stars and one of the most popular Fennel recipe from Good Food Magazine

2. Roast Lamb with Cinnamon, Fennel, and Citrus

Roast Lamb with Cinnamon, Fennel, and Citrus

Image by Goodfood Magazine


1 Leg of Lamb
1 Orange and Lemon
4 Tablespoon Olive Oil
2 Tablespoon Clear Honey
1 Tablespoon Cinnamon
1 Tablespoon Fennel Seeds
1 Tablespoon Ground Cumin
3 Crushed cloves Garlic


Prepare a food bag and put the lamb inside along with all the juice to marinate the meat overnight.

Take out the bag of meat from the refrigerator one hour before you cook it. Preheat the oven at 220C/200C fan/gas7. Take out the marinated lamb from the bag and set aside the remaining marinade sauce. Rub the lamb with 2 tablespoon Olive oil and roast if for about 15 to 20 minutes or until brown. Remove the lamb and reduce the heat of the oven to 160C/140C fan/gas3.

Mix the remaining ingredients with lots of seasoning. Lay a large sheet of foil in the pan and put the lamb on the sheet. Rub the lamb all over with the paste made and then pull up the foil and seal.

Roast the lamb for four hours or until tender. Remove from heat and set aside for thirty minutes before serving.

Cooking time is quite long but it is all worth it. Rated five stars, this is one recipe yo should try in your own kitchen.

Indeed, there are a lot of ways on how to cook Fennel. You can enjoy it in different ways or you can even experiment on your own and make your own recipe of Fennel. Fennel is a good combination with Fish dishes and even with other fruits and vegetables when making salads. this is one vegetable where you can make a variety of tasty dishes. Enjoy a unique dish of Fennel and get the healthy benefits it delivers.

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