How To Eat Fennel Seeds & Best Benefits You Must Know About

Get to know Fennel Seeds before eating it .

Fennel seeds are dried seeds which are obtained from the fennel plant. The fennel plant is scientifically known as Foeniculum vulgare. It belongs to the parsley family of herbs. It seeds have a characteristic woody aroma and rich taste. (1)

Fennel seeds have been used ever since time immemorial for culinary and medicinal purposes. Their rich flavor helps in enhancing the taste of dishes and making them more savory. The seeds also contain phytochemicals which give them various medicinal properties.

As culinary ingredients, the seeds are more common in Indian and Pakistani cuisines as compared to the cuisines of other. They are used to flavor curries and vegetables. Fennel is also referred to as Saunf and Sounf in India and Pakistan respectively.

Fennel Seeds Health Benefits

fennel seeds, indian spice

fennel seeds, indian spice

The seeds of the fennel plant have various health and nutritional benefits. These are as listed below:

~Aiding digestion: consuming fennel seeds helps ease digestive problems such as gas, bloating, acid reflux, constipation, and irritable bowel. (2)

~Lowering blood cholesterol levels: fennel seeds are rich in fiber. Fiber helps in eliminating bad LDL cholesterol. This helps regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood.

~Treatment of renal colic: fennel helps to ease the symptoms of colic in babies. It contains phytoestrogens which initiate antispasmodic activity thereby relaxing the smooth muscles and reducing discomfort.

~Fresh breath: the phytochemicals in fennel kill bacteria which are responsible for causing bad breath. People in Indian subcontinent often chew fennel seeds after meals to help with digestion and mouth freshening.

~Remedy for menstrual disorders: fennel seeds help regulate hormonal function. Controlling hormonal action can help soothe menstrual cramps and reduce PMS symptoms.

~Breast enlargement: fennel seeds contain flavonoids which increase the amount of estrogen in the body. Estrogen stimulates breast growth. It enables the formation of new breast cells and tissues.

~Increase in breast milk: fennel seeds have for a long time been used as a remedy for low breast milk production. Fennel seeds’ ability to increase breast milk production is attributed to their estrogen-like properties.

~Essential vitamins: fennel is rich in vital vitamins. These vitamins (especially vitamin C) help to boost the body’s immunity. The vitamins also act as antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals such as cell and tissue damage, premature aging of skin, and cancer. (3)

~Vital micronutrients: fennel seeds contain important micronutrients such as iron, potassium, calcium, selenium, manganese, zinc, and copper. All these minerals play crucial roles in the body. Iron for example forms part of hemoglobin and helps to prevent anemia. Calcium on its part helps in the development of healthy bones and teeth. The remaining minerals also play important roles in the body.

~Weight loss: fennel seeds are helpful for weight loss. They are low in calories and packed with fiber. Fiber offers a feeling of satiety, you’re therefore likely to eat less amounts of food after eating fennel seeds. This will consequently prevent you from gaining weight due to excess calories. In addition, the contents of fennel seeds also boost metabolism and aid in fat and calorie burning.

How to eat fennel seeds

how to eat fennel seeds

Many people, especially those from cultures where fennels seeds are not common dietary components, find it difficult using the seeds. They may have them in their kitchens but leave them unused because of not knowing how to do so.

If you’re one of the people who are unfamiliar with fennel seeds, it is important to know that they can be eaten both in a raw form and a cooked form. You only need to figure a way to incorporate them in your diet that lets you derive maximum benefits from them.

How to eat fennel seeds for weight loss

In order to lose weight from fennel seeds, you will need to regularly drink fennel water. Fennel water is made by soaking fennel seeds in cold water overnight or immersing the seeds in hot boiling water and removing them immediately.

Fennel water has a light greenish golden color and a fresh woody taste. You should drink at least two glasses of fennel water per day. This will help increase your metabolic rate and help you burn fat and calorie.

How to eat fennel seeds for breast enlargement

Like it has been mentioned above, fennel seeds help in breast augmentation. A diet rich in the wonder seeds may be all you need to achieve a fuller bust and not a breast enhancing surgery.

In order to increase your breast size through fennel seeds, it is recommended that you drink a cup of fennel tea daily. To make fennel tea, take a teaspoonful of fennel seeds and pour it in a cup of hot boiling water. Wait for 10 minutes and then sieve the mixture to remove the husks. Your tea will then be ready. Drink this concoction regularly and watch yourself go a cup size higher after a while.

How to eat fennel seeds for breast milk

How to eat fennel seeds for breast milk

Fennel seeds help boost breast milk production by significant amounts. This is the reason why Ayurvedic medical practitioners have always recommended them to lactating mothers who have difficulty producing milk.

The seeds increase milk production by stimulating the action of the hormone prolactin. This is the hormone that controls milk production by the mammary glands.

To increase your breast milk production, you should drink at least two glasses of fennel tea daily. You can alternatively cook and consume a whole fennel plant in the form of a vegetable. Continuously using fennel seeds will rectify your lactative problems and help you make enough milk for your baby.

Fennel is healthy

Fennel seeds are safe for use, they do not pose any potential harm to you or the child you are breastfeeding. Many mothers have concerns about fennel’s potential to harm their child but they really shouldn’t have any reason for fear. Fennel seeds do quite the opposite. They help boost your baby’s immunity and enable them grow healthier and stronger. (4)

Pregnant women are however advised not to use the seeds. Fennel has been found to bear certain health risks for expectant women and their unborn babies. The phytochemicals in fennel can for example disrupt the uterus and cause a miscarriage.

Combination with fenugreek seeds

In case you are using fennel seeds for breast enlargement or breast milk production, you can combine the fennel seeds with fenugreek seeds for more effective results.

Fenugreek seeds also stimulate estrogen secretion in the body and consequently promote breast growth. They also aid in prolactin production. The synergistic effects of the two herbs will ensure that you get much better results in your quest to increase your breast size or milk production.

Fennel seeds are easily available

Fennel seeds are easily available. You can easily find them at Walmart or your local grocery store. They are also quite affordable. You can get a packet of fennel seeds anytime and get to enjoy their health and nutritional benefits.

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