In-Depth It Works Reviews : Things Medias Hasn’t Told You About.

It Works Reviews : Getting Started

Every time we hear this phrase, “Did you try that crazy wrap thing?” we feel like wanting to dive deeper into this It Works phenomena’. We checked the ingredients in It Works body wraps, and researched the clinical support. Went through countless user experiences online and tried it ourselves to give you an honest perspective of you’re looking for.

It Works Body Care Products

Ultimate Body Applicator™ : Body Wraps

First in any It Works Reviews is the Body Wraps. You can’t deny the fact that Body wraps look fascinating. They’ve had a massive increase in acceptance, let’s see why. Wraps improve the look and the feel of your skin. For longer term results wrap it after every 48 hours. This helps to nourish the epidermis layer of the skin. This is exactly why It Works!

How does it work? It Works! has a healthy combination of ingredients in their wraps, the effective ones include the diluted alcohol, oxidizing green tea, and the nourishing oils. The alcohol can help to remove any imperfections on the skin like blemishes. The oil helps to nourish your skin and give it a healthy glow. The green tea helps to dehydrate the skin slightly to give that tauter appearance.

it works reviews Body Wrap

This is obviously, the best solution for days when you wish to look your absolute best. This product works instantly to give you that quick fix. But, for the effects to remain for a longer period of time, the regular wrap is necessary.

Here’s my take, there are a lot of cheaper products offer the similar results. There are a bunch of home remedies that work just as good. A lot of customers suggest adding grounded coffee beans to a moisturizing lotion and applying that mixture to the skin works just as good (1). Not everyone is fond of doing-it-yourself or home remedies. Body wraps combine these elements for you and they have had good success with it. If you can afford it, I think it’s worth it!

Defining Gel

Defining Gel is another one of the Skin care products by IT Works. Defining gel is supposed to hydrates the Skin tissue. This helps to form the contact areas such as the belly, back, legs, and upper arms. Just like body wrap, this product demands a regular use. Customer reviews do suggest that Defining gel does help in minimizing the appearance of unappealing cellulite and varicose veins.

it works reviews Defining Gel

I believe that This product is great if you remember to use it daily. However, you can’t expect to see excellent results if you don’t also eat right and exercise. This product won’t completely hide your holiday eating. It seems good, but not that good.

It has a minty smell and also tingles for a little while. It also feels gooey when first put on. Think about putting moisturizer on your stomach or arms.

Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitor

The Fat Fighter is an interesting product. It is composed of fiber rich. Fiber rich diets naturally help you lose weight and help with faster metabolism by aiding the digestion process. High fiber diets, just like fruits and vegetables also help you feel full so you naturally eat less.

it works fat fighter

Image by jessicaheron

It’s no surprise that It Works! Although IT works suggests you take this supplement after a cheat meal. I sincerely believe that if you take this supplement earlier it might actually help to resist the cheat meal effectively. Lots YouTube fitness channels are advocating the use of this product. I believe that with a regular usage people will feel a positive difference. Provided they use it smartly.

The Fat Fighter received an average review on the internet and online stores. It’s not surprising since fiber should help you lose a little weight (2). Ma lot of users complained about having to use the restroom a lot more though.

Coming up next in this It Works Reviews, we will walk you through some of the best selling skin care products of this brand.

Skin care products : First as It works, WOW

it works wow

it works reviews : WOW skin care product.

A pretty decent product as far as customer satisfaction goes. It has active peptides, proteins, and chamomile extract, that work together to revitalize and refresh the skin. WOW gives you that instant glow and does smoothen out the wrinkles but it requires a continued use for the long-term benefits.

A lot of customers complained about the chalky white residue that it leaves. Then if you wish to use WOW, it’s best to put on a moisturizer on the face as the white chalk will look ridiculous. Then the effect is lost though. Still, it does reduce the appearance of crow’s feet on the outer corners of eyes.

It Works Hair skin and nails

Hair skin and nails It Works

You can see Biotin in the ingredient list.

It Works! hair, skin, and nails product is not a favorite one of mine. It did leave me with more questions than answers. As per my research and knowledge, there is an ingredient called the biotin that has proven to help with how your hair, skin, and nails look, but there is no trace of biotin this expensive supplement. (3)

It has calcium and an extensive list of preservatives. The calcium technically speaking has no effect on the outward appearance. Although calcium is good for the health for various reasons, you can save yourself a lot of money sticking to the natural sources. IT works had not been able to justify the ingredients in my opinion. You can get what you need through cheaper supplements and through other natural resources.

It Works Toner

it works toner

Not a real herbal product. A lot of customers complained that it does not feel that appropriate for an oily skin as it seemed to add to the oiliness. Mist is a sprayed all over face and the neck to tone. I has to be done once you’re done with the cleansing with Cleanser Gel. Hydrating Toner & Freshener may, alternatively, be sprayed onto cotton pads and applied to the skin with gentle upward and outward strokes.

Another downside is that it needs to be used throughout the day regularly refresh and hydrate. The continued use hasn’t shown any long-term results as per customer reviews. I would recommend regular hydration and a face wash to remove the excess oil before the application.

It Works Facial

It Works Facial

The facial is designed by It Works to reduce aging. The mask needs to be put on for at least 45 minutes. The cream-infused sheet mask is to allow deeper hydration. It is good to soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Continued use does improve the complexion because the cream hydrates the skin. The product works best with a good fitness routine, If you sweat through your skin pores you remove the extra oil trapped in the skin pores and the nourishing cream has a better effect on the face.

The mask doesn’t stick so well though. Has to smoothen down regularly. It also doesn’t fit so good either as per the customer reviews. You might need to cut it as per your facial structure make it fit. The mask makes the skin feel a little bit of a burning sensation, but not bad. Customers have complained about the smell of the wrap. It is not at all a soothing one. The best thing that can be reported is that the face does feel really smooth after every use.

It Works Greens on the go

It Works Greens on the go

Greens on the go seem exciting. It Works do offer a more delicious means of getting your daily veggies, but I could not get past the information. The ingredients stated and the label is super complex, it is really difficult to tell what you’re actually consuming. This is my opinion, however, is not the replacement of the real greens.

Your body does absorb nutrients in the best way from the natural sources, not from overly processed products. If you don’t enjoy the taste of greens on the go, try concealing them. For example, you can bake kale leaves with a little bit salt and the smell like French fries all of a sudden, all thanks to this simple seasoning.

Greens on the go can also be blended with fruits like bananas and pineapple if you wish the disguise the taste. There are 6 different varieties and flavors and come in a powder form. You can then mix these powders with your favorite beverages. We do know GREENS have a ton of health benefits and loaded with anti-oxidants. Considering It Works! Greens on the go cost over $2.00 a serving. If you can afford it, well and good but if not, go natural!

Greens on the go do have slightly favorable reviews according to my opinion compared to the other IT works products. However, the customer that gave the greens a 5 out of 5 complained about how bad the product tasted. Most of the users recommend mixing it with a little bit of liquid as possible and wash it down with something with a stronger flavor. It does defeat the purpose though.


They have a ton of products in this category and they are all supplements. They offer vitamins/minerals, It Works Energy, Advanced Formula Fat Fighter, Estro Rhythm, Omega 3, It’s Essential, It’s Vital Core Nutrition, New You, Regular, Relief, Ultimate Profit, and the Ultimate Thermofit.

Prices range from $22 to $139.

It Works Thermofit

It Works Thermofit

Thermofit is probably the best product It Works offers. It has a lot of good ingredients. It contains chromium and green tea which have been shown to help with weight loss. However, in my opinion, the increased number of ingredients increases the chances of you having a reaction to at least one of them. It is always advised to taste it and wait for any reactions before consuming this lifestyle product.

However, it does contain ingredients like vitamin B12 that don’t help at all. And you’re paying for each and every one of them. It Works! is expensive, no doubt about that. I hope It Works showcase some scientifically proven results of Theromofit otherwise cheaper and more tired and tested options are always there.

It Works Cleanse x 2

It Works! Cleanse is a tender herbal cleansing method to be used in two days. It helps your body reset itself with a rebalance. I have read that the ingredients are formulated a combination of proprietary blends. They work on the body to remove toxins along with delivering all essential vitamins and nutritious elements, this cleanse is said to provide a powerful cleanse without having to go through the harsh side effects other cleansers can cause.

We can agree that we hate feeling sick because of a cleanse or a special diet. A positive thing about this cleanse is surprisingly gentle on the system. It Works’ have been smart enough not to put ingredients for people that are sensitive to dairy and rich foods.

Customers haven’t had any issue with sickness or feeling of the two days with the cleanse. The results are positive with people being less bloated as well. But there is no magic to it, you have to stop eating junk food and snacks as well. Cleans cannot work with unhealthy consumption and you will need to fight the food cravings just as much!

It Works Shake

Pleased to find a low carb shake mix. It is surprisingly creamy but al lot of customers have complained about the taste. It is good for losing weight as the ingredients really are low on calories. All the ingredients are non-GMO and it does not contain harmful artificial sweeteners. Shake is easy on the digestive system with no painful side effects or worries about hormones, antibiotics, or lactose.

A little pricey though. Doesn’t justify the value for money.

It Works New you

It Works New you

My first and very major concern about It Works New You is when I take a closer look at the ingredients; I noticed what they call a “compact formula’. But, upon further research, I found that components like velvet bean and gamma-oryzanol only produce minimal results. Here it is worth mentioning that the results you get will always be based on your actual diet, exercise, and then these supplements.

I do appreciate a few natural ingredients and that the company has a long standing in the industry. But, the lack of investigation pointing toward usefulness is a major. Also, we’re unconvinced about this as a lot of customer reviews are suggesting that it’s not producing results and the side effects.

It Works Essential oils

Essential oils by It Work are probably their best sellers. The lavender is the most popular one of them. The essential oil is being used by the aromatherapy industry and they actually showcase on their websites. It leaves a gentle scent that lasts for a number of hours and isn’t too overpowering in a small space.

I haven’t tried this oil directly on the body, but have put it in the bath and found the same – subtle but pleasant scent and had no reaction at all. In terms of natural remedies, I would say it works better than tea tree oil or manuka honey on scabs; but I still prefer manuka honey or a clay mask for under-the-skin pimples.

As far as the nutritional benefits go we cannot say that much. The oils are for external use only. They are more of a soothing perfume rather than something that actually helps your skin look and feels better.

My Verdict

As far as I can tell, It Works! Does and doesn’t work. I have seen insanely diverse reviews about the products. This is a major concern with the medicinal and therapeutic products. Some customers are sensitive to the treatment while some customers were totally disappointed. Very few of the products actually have proven ingredients that they claim to do, and even then there are a ton of commodities that raise the price higher and has the scary potential of causing negative side effects. Not to mention, you get tangled in a pretty tight web with your distributor.

It Works! forces their customers to pay ridiculously high and unjustified prices for doubtful products or tries to make you sign up for three months for a slightly less but still a ridiculously high price.

My opinion is that it’s only good for you if you can afford it, otherwise, stick to staying all natural and use less expensive home remedies. But if you do have spare cash lying around. It’s good!

Through out this It Works reviews, I have covered most of products of this brand and their pros,cons. Now the choice is yours.

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