Pregnancy after Tummy Tuck & Everything You Need To Know

Pregnancy after Tummy Tuck

Most women covet a slim, sexy stomach and the problem is that achieving this ideal stomach is not simple. Those who opt to exercise can tell you that you can’t just workout your way to such a stomach. Besides, no one wants to eliminate some food from their diet to flatten their stomachs because it is either costly or needs lots of discipline.

Thanks to the geniuses behind plastic surgery, women can now get a flat stomach through a tummy tuck surgery. Also known as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck surgery helps in removing excess skin and fat and also restores weakened abdominal muscles for a smoother and firmer profile.

Although this new invention works well with most people and eliminates the need to go through tiring means of getting a show off stomach, some people are afraid of the possible effects after. Particularly, some women are afraid that tummy tuck will affect future pregnancies.

If you have had a tummy tuck and you are worried about your current pregnancy, or if you are considering having a tummy tuck, here is some information that will ease your worry.

Is Tummy Tuck a good choice?

Tummy Tuck

Personally, I think that tummy tuck is the best way of flattening your stomach. This is so, especially if you have completed your family since tummy tuck can help you convert a post baby tummy back into a flat stomach like the one you had before giving birth. Tummy tuck eradicates loose skin in the tummy area, tightens the belly and shapes a more pretty youthful shape to the stomach.

What happens if I conceive after abdominoplasty?

Many people usually think they have finished giving birth before going for a tummy tuck, but few months before the abdominoplasty they release that they have conceived. I have never heard of a patient who went through tummy tuck and wasn’t able to carry the pregnancy to term. The safety of the mother and that of the baby should not worry you. Mothers should be able to enjoy their pregnancies and an uneventful birth of healthy babies.

Will the abdominoplasty survive the pregnancy?

Everyone’s body usually reacts differently towards pregnancy as well as the operation, so it’s good to seek advice from your plastic surgeon as well as your OBGYN when you release that you are pregnant. Controlling your weight increase during pregnancy can help protect the outcome of your tummy tuck.

You may want to go back for tummy tuck modification operation or a mini abdominoplasty if you realize that your post-pregnancy that is before and after and after abdominoplasty results do not align. (1)

Will the pregnancy have any complications following tummy tuck?

All pregnancies have the possibility to experience some level of difficulties for known or unknown causes. However, when it comes to abdominoplastly outcome on your pregnancy and the unborn baby, in all cases you should be capable of carrying the child healthily to term. If the abdominal muscles are so tight, you may feel pulling sensation as your tummy grows and stretches, but this is not unsafe. You can also feel that the child hit is not sticking as you expect, but the baby should still have a big space to grow and thrive.

What if I need a C-section after my tummy tuck?

You should be ready to tell your doctor that you had a tummy tuck because sometimes the scar can be seen. The OB|GYN may not close your new c- section cut with the ability of a plastic surgeon and that can affect the look of your mark afterwards. The OB|GYN may be capable of using the very same tummy tuck mark or a low pelvic cut, which is easily hidden by a swimsuit.

How long should I wait to get pregnant after a tummy tuck?

Time to get pregnant

A times women may become pregnant surprisingly with a year or two, some even conceive just a few months after the operation. If you are still recovering from a tummy tuck, you may feel nervous about how the pregnancy will contact your body healing procedure. However you should expect to recover fully without any complications. If you have any worry, be ready to consult your plastic surgeon and your OB|GYN for specialized guidance. If you are contemplating pregnancy in days to come, it is advisable to wait on your

If you have any worry, be ready to consult your plastic surgeon and your OB|GYN for specialized guidance. If you are contemplating pregnancy in days to come, it is advisable to wait on your abdominoplasty. Certainly, you can have successfully pregnant after tummy tuck, but because of cost and possible need for touchups following the pregnancy, it is good to wait until you are quite certain that you have finished having children.

What if I want more kids, but still want a tummy tuck now?

If you strongly feel that you may want to have more kids in the future, make sure you discuss that with your surgeon more so about the pregnancy after tummy tuck before going through any process. Discuss your wishes and your worries with the surgeon to make sure our interests are reserved in mind, whether you have your abdominoplasty no or a few years down the line.

On the other hand you can preserve the outcome of your abdominoplasty during a future pregnancy is to avoid enormously weight gain during pregnancy. Although this may be difficult to avoid, it is a worthwhile chase since you will also practice additional health reimbursement like decreased risk of diabetes. Through keeping pregnancy mass gain to a minimum, you can go through a mini-tummy tuck to recover the outcome of your original process.

Possible complications

  • Stretching during pregnancy after the tummy tuck may cause significant changes in the berry.
  • The skin of the front abdominal wall is abridged, which can add to the appearance of stretch marks and buckles on the tummy after birth.
  • The increase inner pressure can cause heartburn, urinary incontinence, and bowel peristalsis dysfunction. This occurs primarily due to direct muscles lose their aptitude to disperse after the operation.
  • If the mark on the front tummy wall is not strong enough, its rims scatter during pregnancy when the skin of the tummy is expanded. This usually happens if the formation takes place when little time has passed after the operation.
  • Wound separation after rummy tuck is somehow dramatic to the patients, because they think that the cut is so deep. However it is not as it goes to the muscle wall. On the other hand the cut edges heals very slow because of poor blood supply.
  • Fluid collections are more frequent when there is a big gap created between the tissues. When a lot of fluid is accumulated healing process becomes very slow.
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