Sugar Free Yogurt

How To Make The Best And The Most Delicious Sugar Free Yogurt

When it comes to the sugar free yogurt, the best one cannot be bought; it has to be made by yourself in your home. This also means that you can make certain adjustments and improve the taste of it. At the same time, you will end up with 100% healthy and delicious yogurt.In addition, most people believe that making yogurt is complicated and time-consuming, but it isn’t the truth. In fact, this is a very simple procedure that takes just a few minutes.

Due to the fact it is very simple, every single person can make this type of yogurt. It has a lot of benefits on your health, but not a single drawback, which makes this type of yogurt simply the best.

What are you going to need

The first thing you are going to need is the yogurt maker. A great addition is the fact there are a lot of them on the market, so you can get any model you like. In addition, they are affordable, so this isn’t an issue.

Even better is the fact that they are very easy to use, and you don’t have to read the manual. However, beside yogurt maker, you are going to need ingredients.

When it comes to making sugar free yogurt, you are going to need:

  • 4 cups of milk (organic)
  • ½ cup milk powder
  • ½ yogurt starter (organic)

Sugar Free Yogurt

As you can see, all the ingredients are healthy and organic, so they are the best ones you can use and they don’t have a negative effect on the health. This is mandatory, so keep in mind that only these ingredients should be used. If you are planning to get the best yogurt, without sugar, these ingredients are the first and the most important fact.

The procedure

Add milk to the metal bowl and add milk powder. Then, stir and heat it until it reach 185 degrees. Keep in mind that you will have to heat it before it boils. Boiling it means that you made a mistake, and you won’t get the best yogurt. In addition, you must stir it, until the mixture is perfectly smooth and there are no large elements.

After you are done, remove the milk from the heat and cool it down. If you like to wait, just leave it on the table. If you want to speed up the process, add the milk into a smaller bowl and place the smaller bowl into a larger one that contains the ice. This will speed up the process, due to the fact the milk will cool down quickly.

Stir the milk the entire time and make sure it is completely smooth. This has to last about 10 minutes. Then, pour the milk into a bowl and add more of milk. Pour the milk into several cups and place lids on them.

Then, place all of them into the yogurt maker. You will have to leave them in the machine for the 10 hours. It may be completed in 6 hours, but just to make sure, leave them for 10 hours.

The procedure is done and you get a completely healthy and perfect yogurt that doesn’t contain sugar, so it is delicious and healthy at the same time.

Don’t forget that this making last for a long time, so make sure you always have a few cups of already made yogurt, due to the fact it is the best and the most delicious addition to your meals you can get.

The definitions of the sugar free yogurt

If you want to make, or just to eat this type of yogurt, keep in mind that it is a specific type of the yogurt, so it is a bit special. In general, yogurt without sugar can be defined as the yogurt that doesn’t contain any of the sweeteners. The most common sweeteners are sugar (white and brown), but there are a lot of other sweeteners.

The most common ones are: glucose, fructose, molasses, syrup and etc. No matter are you buying or making yogurt without sugar, it must be 100% free from all, aforementioned sweeteners.

Most people believe that honey is healthy sweetener, due to the fact it comes from the nature. This is a serious mistake that should be avoided. Keep in mind that the honey is a sweetener as well, so it must be avoided at all cost. Adding honey to the yogurt will make it sweeter, so it won’t be a sugar free yogurt.

Artificial sweeteners

sugar free yogurt

When it comes to the artificial sweeteners, the situation is a bit more complicated. They are made by large companies and they are designed to add sweetness to any product, without adding calories.

Their definition is controversial, due to the fact most experts claim they are not healthy, while others claim they can be more than just useful. In any case, you should know something about them.

In any case, the most common sweeteners of this type are: sucralose and saccharin, but there are a lot of others as well. Despite the fact they are calorie-free, they shouldn’t be added to the yogurt. They aren’t dangerous to your health, but in larger amounts they may be.

At the same time, they will make your yogurt with sugar, so the definition of the sugar free yogurt will be compromised. In any case, they must be avoided, even if that means that you won’t get the sweet taste.

Sweeteners you can use

Despite the fact most of the sweeteners cannot be used, and using them is treated as a mistake, some of them are healthy and can be added to this type of yogurt.

They don’t have negative effects and they can be used in larger amounts. Still, the best thing is not to use them, so you get the best yogurt of this type you can make, but if you really like using them,you can.

Xylitol in wooden bowl with candy sugar on sticks

Xylitol in wooden bowl with candy sugar on sticks

They are: mannitol, xylitol and sorbitol. All of them are commonly used in the food industry, which means that all of them have been tested and all of them are safe.

On the other side, they may be hard to get and expensive, but if you like adding sweetness, they are the best and in this case the only choice. No matter which one of these three you choose, you will get the same effect and the same result.

On the other side, some experts claim that you can use natural sweeteners, like honey, due to the fact they are healthier than artificial sweeteners. This is controversial as well, but it is commonly treated as much better choice than to use any of the aforementioned, artificial sweeteners.

In any case, natural sweeteners contain calories. No matter which one you choose, you will get between 50 and 75 calories per a spoon. If you are trying to lose weight, or to reduce the calories intake, this may be the best thing to avoid.

You will get a lower number of calories, but you will increase the calories intake, so it is the best thing you can do to simply avoid them.  In addition, sugar free yogurt is the best choice for people with diabetes.

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