Trusculpt Review – Expensive but Worth it or Not ?


With many people continuously becoming more and more conscious of the negative side effects of having excessive body fat the search for non-surgical procedures is on the increase. Excessive fat is not only unsightly but is a major cause of many lifestyle diseases and reduction in self-worth and self-confidence.

Trusculpt has come in handy to help people get rid of the excessive fat and be able to dress trendily in tight outfits without the worry that you look ugly. Trusculpt will get you into the body shape that you have always dreamed of, but it is worth noting that this procedure requires patience as the results are not immediate but a product of continuous procedures.

The procedure makes use of a handheld device that is 40 square centimeters capable of treating even larger parts of the body. The device features deep uniform heat distribution eliminating chances of getting hot spots or edge effect ensuring patient safety and comfort is prioritized.

What is Trusculpt ?


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If you are wondering what is this Trusculpt that is sweeping the cosmetic industry off its feet, Trusculpt is among the latest non-invasive technology used for body sculpting and reduction of excessive fats in the body. That means you do not have to undergo any surgical operation with Trusculpt.

Trusculpt makes use of a handheld device that emits heat in the form of radio-frequency energy and sends them below the skin surface. It is this radio-frequency energy that breaks down fat cell causing them to die which results in fat reduction, skin tightening and in the end body sculpting

Where can Trusculpt be used and who is eligible?

Surprisingly, Trusculpt can be used in different parts of the body and not just in the stomach as many people presume. In fact, many patients who have used Trusculpt procedure have reported positive results in areas such as the stomach thighs and even below the chin.

Trusculpt can be used to treat any other parts of the body such as the arm triceps so as to give them a slimmer appealing look. It can also treat other body parts such as the flanks, buttocks, knees and ankles.

Almost anyone both men and women with stubborn body fat which is resistant to diet and exercise can be treated using Trusculpt. Patient with a BMI of ≤30 are more likely to benefit hugely from the procedure. However, the procedure is not suitable for patients who may be having internal defibrillators tumors, cardiac pacemakers or metallic implants in the target areas. The noninvasive technology should at no cost be performed on pregnant women.

Why use Trusculpt and not any other noninvasive technology?

Trusculpt depicts more advantages as compared to other types of technology. Some of the major advantages you will get from using the procedure include:

  • The procedure can be used on various parts of the body as compared to other body parts
  • The Trusculpt technology does not need any wait time or downtime hence allows you to go back to your normal daily routine after every procedure
  • The procedure is painless thus no need for pain medication before or after treatment
  • The treatment is tolerable as the heat can be adjusted depending on the comfort of the patient
  • The procedure does not harm the skin in anyway, quite the opposite it tightens and improve skin tone as the procedure stimulates the production of collagen which is protein helpful in improving skin tightness and structure.

Trusculpt Review : The do’s and don’ts before having a procedure.


There are however a few things that the patients are required to observe before the procedure. Some of the things to observe include:

  • The patients should shave any body hair in the area where the procedure will be undertaken
  • All piercings should be removed from the target area
  • Some patients have reported that drinking coffee before the procedure have caused some discomforts such as excessive sweating hence advisable to keep off before the procedure

How the procedure will feel like and how many procedures are needed for maximum result?

As the doctor passes the portable device over your skin you will feel hot on the skin plus a sensational feeling like the fat is melting away. The room can get hot to the point where you sweat. Nonetheless, the device addresses the patient’s comfort as the heat can be adjusted to suit each patient. There is no pain hence there should be no worries of the treatment being painful.

One session of the procedure burns an approximate of 20% of the fat in the treatment layer thus it is recommendable that you take two to three procedures for maximum result. Though the feeling of the fat melting away during the procedure can be felt the results are not instant and takes a few weeks as the body needs time to get rid of the dead fat cells.

The results may appear from the third or fourth week after the procedure for younger and healthy patients. For some patients it may take even 8 weeks till the results can manifest themselves.

The side effects of Trusculpt

The side effects of the treatment are minimal if any. Most patients have reported a redness and soreness on the area the procedure was applied. However, all this go away after a short while and your skin returns to its normal appearance.

Also some swelling and ski tightness may follow within 48 hours after the procedure but will disappear in no time (1). The side effects are bearable as compared to other side effects that are associated with surgical procedures and pain medication which may deteriorate body health rather than improving it.

The results of using the procedure will last longer with proper diet and regular exercise for most patients, however on average the results usually last for a period of 6-12 months.

Trusculpt : Final Words

Given the advantages and information in this Trusculpt review .Trusculpt is a go for it procedure when it comes to protecting your health and improving your body fitness so as to achieve the desired results of having the kind of body that you want. Always remember to couple the procedure with healthy eating habits and regular exercise so as to enjoy the maximum results of the procedure without having to go for another treatment from time to time.

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