Where To Buy Blueberry Bushes

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Decades ago, the only way to enjoy blueberries was to find them in the wild . In the modern era, with the help of scientists, you now can cultivate blueberries in your own garden. Scientists have unlocked the secrets behind cultivating blueberries which make it now possible to grow blueberries on bushes that are resistant to most pest and diseases. There many places where one can buy blueberry bushes. Read on to find out more !

Where To Buy Blueberry Bushes


Amazon is one of the largest global retailer where you can find anything you want to buy. You can also find blueberry bushes at Amazon at very affordable prices. They usually ship them in six or seven days.

The most popular bushes at Amazon are Organic Northern Highbush Blueberry, Dwarf blueberry bush, Pink Lemonade blueberry and Northsky Dwarf blueberry plant. The best part in buying Blueberry bushes from Amazon is that you can get the information online about which bush suits your zone. You can place your order online by visiting the Amazon website.

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Local nurseries

As with many other plants, the best place to buy blueberry bushes is your local nursery. When buying from local nurseries, they will be able to give you advice about what blueberry grows well in your area and what requirements they will need to grow.

If possible, you should visit nurseries that specialize in fruit trees. At local nurseries, you can only find simple type of blueberry bushes like Toro blueberry bushes, Pink Lemonade blueberry bushes and Duke Blueberry bushes.

DiMeo Farms

DiMeo Farms Blueberry Reviews

DiMeo Farms Blueberry . Image by dimeofarms.com

DiMeo Farms sell naturally grown, Non-GMO blueberry bushes. Blueberries are considered as one of the easiest fruits berries to grow. You can pick blueberries that are almost 3 years old or more from Dimeo’s Blueberry Farm.

When you decide to buy blueberries from their family farm, they will provide you with free blueberry planting instructions and expert tips on planting their mature blueberry bushes.

DiMeo bushes are very easy to grow. DiMeo Farm is considered as the America’s best farm for buying blueberry bushes. They have the record of selling virus-and-disease free bushes to the public. Currently DiMeo Farm is located in New Jersey.

Fall Creek Farm and Nursery, Inc

Fall Creek Farm and Nursery, Inc

Logo of Fall Creek Farm and Nursery, Inc . Image by fallcreeknursery.com

This farm is one of the leading growers of blueberry nursery stock, supplying the nursery trade. Fall Creek Farm and Nursery grow and sell more than sixty five varieties of blueberries. Their varieties come in all shapes and sizes, thus giving a number of buying opportunities to the customers.

One can purchase blueberry buses in a very low rate from their farm and they also provide planting instructions to their customers. So, if you are planning to grow blueberries in your backyard, you can contact Fall Creek Farm and nursery for appointment and then can buy blueberry bushes of your choice. They are located at Jasper-Lowell road, Oregon.

Gurney’s Seed and Nursery Co

Gurney’s Seed and Nursery Co

Gurney’s Seed and Nursery Co . Image by gurneys.com

It is a mail order garden and seed plant company. They offer a large variety of blueberry bushes but usually four to six ft. long. If you have small space in your home and still want to plant blueberry, you can buy dwarf blueberry bushes from Gurney’s Seed and Nursery.

They offer 100% natural fruits with no artificial flavors. The one advantage of buying from them is that they offer money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with what you have purchased. The blueberries are self- fruitful but produce better crops if more than one variety is planted. They are based in Greendale, IN.

Stark Bro’s

Stark Bro’s

Stark Bro’s

Stark Bro’s also offers a variety of blueberry bushes. They usually sell Northern Highbush Blueberries, Southern Highbush Blueberries and Patio blueberry plants. Stark Bro’s sell blueberry bushes according to your area and acidity of your soil.

It is an online based company in America providing the best quality trees, plant and bushes. If you have a small space in your house, you can plant Stark Bro’s dwarf blueberry plants either in the ground or in containers. To satisfy their customers, Stark Bro’s offer money back guarantee or you can replace your order within a year of delivery.


There are also other sites that are selling Blueberry bushes online such as:
· Royal Horticultural Society.
· Farmer’s Alamanc.
· Krieger Nursery.

What to consider when you buy blueberry bushes

· Chose the correct variety for your climate zone.
· Purchase Plants free of diseases and viruses.
· Right age is the most important factor when buying blueberry bushes.
· Chose the correct place to plant.

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