Where to buy bone broth ?

People love Bone broth

Interested in trying something new?  Looking for something with excellent nutrients that tastes great also?  What you should strongly consider is bone broth.

While introduced as a relatively new concept in the west, bone broth has a storied history across the globe.  Let’s take a brief moment to review what it is, why people love it, and where the best places are for you to buy it.

What Is Bone Broth ?

Bone broth is quite popular in those societies where all parts of the animal are used.  The bones of the animal are slowly simmered for an extended period of time.  Simmering the bones softens them and leaches from them the nutrients and flavors that people love.

Whether it was bones from meat or fish, bone broth became the basis for a series of complex broths that subtly changed in taste depending on location.  While some would remain broths, others would become reductions, stews, soups, braising, and sauces.

broth with egg

broth with egg

The bones will most likely be roasted before making the broth to improve the flavor.  Be aware that the bones will typically simmer for 24+ hours to leach everything out of them.

Why Do People Love Bone Broth ?

Bone broth is a fantastic source of protein for your diet.  It is filled with glycine, which aids in the detoxification of the body (1).  It also helps to digest gastric acids.

The gelatin in the bone broth is great for healthy skin as well.  Finally, bone broth can help to lessen the symptoms of a cold to the point where they are a non issue.  Add on top of this a mixture rich in minerals and vitamins and it is no wonder people love it so much.

What Are The Best Places To Buy Bone Broth?

There are many ways to answer where to buy bone broth.  The quick and easy solution is to head out to your local grocery store.  They may have a producer of bone broth selling it along with other liquid broths.  This is a quick solution, which also happens to be quite expensive.

In addition, some people complain that the salt levels are too high.  Instead of going directly for the bone broth, you can buy a whole chicken, portion off the bones while you eat, and then bake/simmer them yourselves.

If you want a cheaper alternative, then consider going to a meat market or specialty market.  There you can purchase a larger amount of bone broth. The butcher may make and sell their own as a way to get rid of the extra bones.

Traditional Vietnamese using beef broth as soup

Traditional Vietnamese using beef broth as soup

Another option if you want to try different types of bone broth is to purchase it online.  Places like Amazon provide a wide selection of bone broth to choose from.  Because of its selection, it should be among your top choices for buying bone broth online.

You can also go onto online market to purchase either the raw ingredients or the bone broth.  Organic markets are a popular source of bone broth, as they will cover a range of non-organic and organic options.

Many people prefer grass fed bones over other types and swear by the taste.  In the end it all depends on what taste you want.  Be aware that when bone broth is sold online, it is typically sold frozen and freeze dried for shipping.  Popular sites include :

The type of bone broth they have available will differ from store to store.  In addition, the way that the one broth was made will differ as well.  Some will keep to only the bone broth while others will sell you something more akin to a soup or stew.

Prior to making a purchase, be sure to carefully read what is included in the ingredient list.  In addition, be sure to find reviews online.  There you can read the experiences of other people to determine where to buy bone broth.  See what other people’s experiences were like to determine whether or not this is the good place to buy bone broth.  If the price is right and past customers are satisfied, then it is a safe bet to get it from here.

You Can Always Save Money

If you really want to save money, then consider making your own bone broth.  You can make your very own for pennies on the dollar by purchasing the bones directly and roasting/simmering yourself.

Typically, you can expect to pay around $2 a pound for bones.  Be aware that baking and simmering bones will cause your home to smell strongly for a period of time after.  Consider opening a window or using a fan if the smell is overpowering.

Where Does That Leave Us?

As we’ve explored above, there are many different answers to where to buy bone broth.  Ultimately it will depend on what your needs are and how much you are willing to pay.  Until then best of luck with your search !

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