Where To Buy Fennel Seeds in US , Singapore & Africa ?

Fennel Seeds

We all look forward to eat a healthy and tasty meal. So we are in a constant search for the right kind of eatables which not only provides us with the right values of nutrients, but is easy to digest and tastes good. Fennel seeds have almost all the properties that take care of all the above said factors for a long time.

Over the time, the fennel seeds have found a lot of use and appreciations among people in various parts of the world, and the popularity of this aromatic herb could not be more to all of us.

Fennel seeds are available in dry areas along the river beds and sea side. It is widely available in countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Canada, China, Mexico, etc. and has been in use in various forms. It is the most essential ingredient in food habits through the Asian countries, either through eating or using it as a breath freshener after a meal.

The health benefits cannot be ignored as it is beneficial to cure a number of diseases. It is also found effective for patients suffering from coughs, indigestion and gastric problems. It is also believed to increase the overall sperm count and is often prescribed to those who suffer from low sperm counts.

Benefits of Fennel Seeds

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  • It is a rich source of anti-oxidants as it contains lots of anti-oxidizers due to the presence of manganese in a large quantity. It also contains copper and iron as minerals which are the key agents for blood production and red blood cells formation. It also helps in growth regulation and general development of a person’s health. (1)
  • Fennel seeds are a very good source of Vitamins and contain almost all the necessary vitamin groups.
  • It is also a great source of roughage, and thus gives the bulk amount of heavy roughage in processing of the fennel seeds by the body. The indigestion and such other types of problem get easily reduced so one can avoid constipation.
  • It has found to be quite useful in fighting the extra cholesterol content in the heart thus reducing the chances of heart attacks or any constriction of the pulmonary system.

With all these many food values the use of fennel seeds are being done in a variety of ways. It is used in cooking, or is consumed in raw state and deriving its name according to the uses and the region it is used.

Though there are quite a few positives that makes the seeds such popular, it also has some negative qualities. If fennel seeds are consumed in excess there is a chance of extra concentration of nutrients build-up in the human body which has some adverse and serious effects. The consumption of this great food, thus, should be done with awareness to avoid any ill results for the human body. (2)

The storage of fennel seeds is very important. Even after harvesting it, it must be stored in a cool and dry place and any contact with moisture should be avoided at any cost. Sometime fennel seeds are grounded and used as spice, but that too should be stored in a cool and dry space. This is a very important criterion that can uphold the quality of the fennel seeds for consumption. It is based on this phenomenon that the price and quality of them may differ from store to store or brand to brand.

Where to buy fennel seeds in US

As the quality and proper storage along with segregation is very important, one should be aware of the locations from which they should procure the seeds. In US, it is often found that the fennel is often confused with anise, which is another similar herb, both in looks and somewhat in quality.

There are quite a number of stores which sells fennel seeds in almost all parts in US. There are options of buying them through online stores too, where one can rely on the delivery and the quality of the seeds. With secure packing and hassle free payment options one can buy them through websites like eBay , Amazon , Iherb where we can choose the amount as well as the variety.

Where to buy fennel seeds in Singapore

Being an Asian nation, fennel seeds are almost a must for their cuisine. SO the local availability of the fennel seeds is quite high. It comprises both of quality and caters well to the needs of the people in general.

Websites like bigbox.com.sg or Alibaba are also available in Singapore, who excels in selling quality seeds through online portal, with speed delivery, various payment options and at all location. The packaging is good and overall the service quality is nice. There are choices of quality and quantity which a customer can choose from.

Where to buy fennel seeds in Africa

South Africa is a nation which is known for its varied cuisines. As a Mediterranean cuisines expert, we can always find the use of fennel seeds in South Africa. Buying fennel seeds in South Africa is really easy with most of the departmental and grocery stores keep a ready stock of this aromatic spice.

It is also possible to go for the online options for those who do not know where to find these seeds locally. Woolsworth.co.za or South Africa tradekey.com often keeps a ready stock of quality fennel seeds ready to ship to all locations in South Africa. The customer can choose an online mode of payment or the customer can pay for the stuff during delivery.

The uses of fennel seeds goes a long back in history and is found to be mentioned in cuisines from past and the present throughout the world. In India, Pakistan or Bangladesh a meal is considered incomplete if a meal is not complemented with a mouthful of fennel seeds.

In China and some part of India, the herb is used as a must have ingredients and cooked only on a base of fennel seeds. With a worldwide availability and easy transportation, the uses of the seeds have increased.


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