Why Do I Have A Double Chin ?

Double Chin

A double chin can cause distress and embarrassment. It is a very unpleasant problem that you have to deal with. It makes you look overweight and spoil the actual face cutting.

Not only a double chin directly attacks your beauty, but also makes you feel more aged than you are. You will not be happy with your second chin.

Fat is stored under the chin if you are obese in structure.Double chin is a sign that you should change your lifestyle as well as diet. If your problem is severe, you may choose surgery option to reduce your double chin problem.

You can solve this problem with regular exercise and healthy diet as well.If you look in the mirror and keep on asking yourself ” Why do i have a double chin ?” issue, it is not going to help you at all. To find the best way of reducing double chin, you have to find the underlying causes so that you can treat it accordingly.

Causes behind a double chin :

Why Do I have double Chin

Double Chin

The main reasons behind a double chin are as follows:


Genetics may be a cause of your double chin problem. Hereditary factors often contribute to making your unattractive second chin. You earn your complexion or the color of your eyes from genetic factor.Like that, you could inherit a double chin problem.

If you have a double chin that makes you look ugly, look at rest of the members of your family and try to find if they also have double chins.If you notice that many of your families are proud owners of double chins, then you are likely to develop a double chin.

Genetics largely affect the rate of water retention by a human body and fat storage. These two factors can form a double chin. But not to worry about your hereditary problem as a change in lifestyle can help you reduce this annoying physical condition.


Many people notice double chins as they age.Double chin is a common sign of aging. As you grow older, your skin starts to loose and loses its elasticity. Along with that, muscle loss is healthy after a certain point of age.

Your chin has some muscles, and when you age, these muscles start to lose and you get a double chin.The primary cause behind developing a double chin may be the loss of skin’s elasticity after a particular age.

Excessive weight

The most common cause of getting a double chin is excess body fat.If you are suffering from obesity, you can expect a double chin naturally. Your chin or face is one of the most common areas where your body stores fat.

If you take calories in huge amount regularly and don’t bother about exercise, double chin will develop. You can solve this problem quickly. It just needs a proper diet and regular exercise.

If you can change your diet and reduce calorie intake, it will help you solve the double chin problem. And exercise can be the best medicine to reduce your double chin fat fast. If you can cut down your extra pounds from your body, your double chin will be vanished automatically.

Proper diet will never let you ask “ Why do i have a double chin ?”.

Proper Diet To Void Having Double Chin

Proper Diet To Void Having Double Chin

A good diet is the best way to solve all health related problems or physical conditions. And double chin is no exception. It doesn’t matter you have developed a double chin due to age, hereditary or weight; a good diet will help you in all circumstances.

Foods those are rich in saturated fat, cholesterol, sugar, and trans fatty acid, are most likely to cause you to store extra pounds.Saturated fat increases cholesterol levels and store fatty substance in your body.Red meat, butter, cheese, dairy products are a rich source of fat.

You can take lean meat such as turkey and chicken and reduce consumption of dairy products. Avoid trans fat completely. A proper diet should have 54 percent carbohydrates, 18 percent protein, and 28 percent fat.

Try to take oily fish, olive oil and nuts that will supply monounsaturated fat. Include white bread, whole grains, green vegetables and fruits in your diet to say no to double chin.

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