Zerona Review : How it works and How it compare to others method .

Getting Started

You are finally through with the long, sweaty workout.The review said that if you hit the gym six days a week for eight weeks,you will automatically lose twenty pounds.It’s been eight weeks of pure,raw,sweaty sessions and the feeling is that you have actually lost more than the twenty.It even feels like you are lighter.

Nervously,you approach the weighing scale and cautiously place both feet on top of it.You close your eyes momentarily and then open them again to see your achievements.Your eyes must be deceiving you,because the scale defiantly reflects that an additional three pounds has been added to last week’s figure.You have actually added weight after the whole gruesome experience.

You collapse down in a heap.Desperate.This is the effect of trying out an UN-tested,unproven and honestly, a strange weight loss regimen. There is a big difference between losing weight & losing fat , working out is not easy as it sounds like comercial ads . It require a lot of disclipline & patience while you learning more about your own body . (1)

But there is hope.There is an easier,proven,tested way of losing the pounds without losing your mind.The,

Zerona Fat Reduction Process.(Definition)

Zerona Logo

Zerona Logo

But what is the Zerona fat reduction process? You may sensibly ask.It is an FDA approved treatment that uses laser technology, to open microscopic pores in fatty cells. (2)

It works by passing Triglycerides(the main ingredients of natural fats and oils) and Fatty acids contained in the fat cells into other areas around the cells filled with fluid.These areas are also known as the Interstitial spaces.Once deposited here,the body uses it’s normal metabolic processes to eject the fat from your body.

What To Expect When You Decide To Take The Treatment.

NB: For the treatment to effectively work,you will have to be really committed.Especially in attending the daily appointments.Skipping the appointments is detrimental to your progress because if you wait for a space of more than 72 hours before the next treatment,the fat cell pores usually begin closing up,meaning the treatment will not be as effective.You will keep starting over again.

One week prior to the first appointment, your doctor will advise you to take 500mg of Niacin daily.You will also be required to eat health,drink plenty of water(usually 8-10 glasses of water daily),and work out everyday for sessions lasting not more than 30 minutes.Also required is that you stay very clean, and not take any caffeine for that whole week.This is usually to aid the Zerona treatment to work better and in an optimal environment.

Niacin has some slightly uncomfortable side effects e.g itching and flushing,so you should be aware of this.However,it is really important to take the Niacin because it is critical in aiding the metabolizing of fat.There is a form of Niacin known as Sio-Niacin which is a bit mild.Many consumers have concurred that it does not have the side effects associated with Niacide proper,but that it works as effectively as Niacide proper. (3)

Zerona Review : The Actual Laser Treatments

Zerona Treatment Review

On the first day,the RN will take all your measurements,your ribs or bra line,abdomen,upper arms,neck,thighs,upper abdomen and your waist.They will also probably ask you if there is any particular area that you would want to be given preference during the treatment.Sometimes, a gown and some protective eye wear will be provided.

You will then be required to lie on a table. On your back.Usually a comfortable massage table.The central Zerona laser will then be directed by the RN to the area just after you navel.The other four lasers will be directed to your belly and tops of hips. Don’t worry,the process is painless.

Since the machine is pre-programmed,all the nurse has to do is press a button and switch it on.You will actually see the red lasers moving up and down your body in a circular motion but you definitely won’t feel a thing.Twenty minutes into the procedure,the machine will turn off on its own.The RN will come in and advise you now to lie on your stomach,where he will now re-position the five lasers to point your back fat area and hips.The button is pressed,and twenty minutes later,you will be done.

From then on,each treatment will be carried out the same way.Twenty minute sessions for each side,for the whole duration of the two week treatment.After the procedure,it is normal to feel thirsty,so continue with your daily intake of water.Also,remember to continue with your daily dose of Niacin,work out and eat healthy.You can always continue with the treatment after the two weeks until you achieve your desired goal.

Always have your own personal fat measurements.These measurements will help you see your own progress.Plus you will be able to compare your results with those of the RN.The fat loss will not occur immediately.It usually occurs on the following week after your last treatment day.However,the actual day that the fat loss will begin and the measurements,usually differ from person to person.

Zerona cost

The average cost for the Zerona laser treatment is usually $3000 for six sessions over a two week period.It is convenient for you if you have this information prior to the treatment so you can plan your budget wisely and effectively.

Zerona Review : Zerona vs others treatments

When we make reviews about the Zerona laser treatment,we would have to compare it with other fat reduction procedures like Tumescent liposuction,Laser lipo,Cryolypolisis,Thermage,i lipo,Liposonix vasershape,and ultra sound assisted.We also have to compare all these,with the consumer or clientele response or reaction.

Many clients have praised Zerona due to the following reasons,Zerona is a non surgical method.So for all of you who are scared of going under the knife,this is your method.So it scores high on that.Also it will score high based on the fact that it is complication free as compared to most of these other forms of fat reduction.

Most Zerona reviews have also praised its comfort as compared to most of the other methods.Zerona also does not require any anesthesia which is a plus for people who dislike anesthesia.It also does not have a recovery time because there are usually no harsh effects to your body to require recovery.

Traditional Liposuction And Zerona

The main advantage the Zerona has over Traditional Liposuction is that in the latter,there is usually the use of tubes which can cause bruising or lumpy and unnatural results.You will not have to worry about this when you try the zerona laser treatment because there are usually no tubes involved anywhere.

Smartlipo Triplex

The main disadvantage of this method is that it uses local or general anesthesia.These anesthesia can come with their own complications.Lucky for you,you will not have to worry about this since no anesthesia is required in the Zerona laser procedure. It is also very costly.


The biggest complaint about the thermage procedure is excessive pain.Especially in the weeks following the procedure.Fortunately for you,you will never have to deal with this when it comes to the zerona procedure as it is painless.

Ultrasonic Cavitation

The biggest challenge when it comes to this one is that there is a lot of discomfort during treatment with patients complaining of cold,tingling and prickling,burning and discomfort.You will NEVER have these problems with the zerona laser procedure.

Most patients praise the procedure highly since it is a painless,comfortable,non surgical way to shed off fat.However,they also note with concern that the price of the treatment is relatively high and that as well,without proper discipline and commitment,one can easily regress and even add more fat to the body.Most people also agree that it is a good short term fix for weight loss problems, but that it is probably not the best, for any long term regimens.

Pros And Cons Of The Zerona Laser Fat Reduction Method.

The Verona laser fat reduction method is still a rather new fat reduction method compared to other forms and methods that have been around for a long period.What this means to you is that patients who have tried the method are critically crucial to establishing the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure because,it is from their experiences and reviews that we can deduce the pros and cons of the method.


1.Zerona laser fat reduction treatment is the only CLINICALLY PROVEN non-surgical or non-invasive method of fat reduction.It is also accepted by the FDA,and some countries have licensed it’s fat reduction use in many different parts of the body all at once.

2.Designed and approved by the FDA,the Erchonia laser scanner is the safest and most reliable medical laser in the world.And this is the one that is used in the Zerona fat reduction treatment.Your safety is thus guaranteed.

3.With most other fat reduction procedures,you will be advised to wear some special or standard garments to e.g for fluids control, to control swelling and ensure just the right shape is acquired.These garments are usually known as compression garments and they are a critical requirement e.g in tummy tuck procedures.This is not the case in the Zerona procedure as you are not required to wear any post procedure garments of any kind.

4.One requirement of the procedure is that you lead a healthy lifestyle for it to be effective.While this is just a requirement,for the procedure,in the long run,disciplined commitment to a healthy lifestyle of working out,eating healthy and drinking plenty of water will do wonders for your body and even after the treatment is complete,you can always maintain that healthy way for your own benefit.

5.Another important benefit as highlighted earlier is that compared to other procedures.the Zerona method is honestly painless.No pain whatsoever.This is because laser technology is usually painless,which also means that your healing is painless as well.This is a huge bonus for this procedure because nobody loves pain.

6.No pain pumps tubes or bulbs are needed with the procedure.This is completely different from the Tummy tuck procedure where a pain pump is usually inserted to the wound area to alleviate the pain.Also tubes are usually inserted around the area to drain off excess fluids which if left might cause serious infections.You will never have to worry about this with the Zerona procedure since no tubes or pumps are required.

7.Finally,another key advantage is that the procedure usually only takes only 40minutes per session.Imagine that.Only forty minutes.This is UN-believably awesome considering the fact that some procedures take hours to complete;And all that time,you will be on an operating table and under anesthesia.

8.Another pro is that the Zerona method can be used in virtually all areas of the body that might contain fat deposits.Several areas e.g buttocks,chin,neck,arms,tummy,back,hips,bosom and any other areas of your body that can accumulate fat will all be treated all at once. It is also highly effective for those stubborn fatty cells that have become hardened and resistant to diet and exercise.


1.As said earlier,the procedure is relatively new in the market,so although it is an FDA approved treatment,which means it went through years of vigorous testing,it still has an unproven track record in the long term.It is therefore advisable to get all the information needed before embarking on it.

2.If you expect instant results,this is probably not the best procedure for you.Although results vary from person to person,standard results are usually visible starting the third week after beginning treatment,and it is very easy indeed to get back to your former shape if you are not disciplined and committed to the cause.Also,don’t expect astronomical weight reduction e.g 10+ pound reductions.

3.Most people have come to the conclusion that the procedure is really expensive.With each session costing an average of 3000 dollars for six sessions over a two week period.This according to some patients is rather expensive as compared to e.g a tummy tuck procedure which on average costs between $3000-$12000 depending on the specialist you go to.

Zerona fat reduction procedure is a relatively new fat reduction way to reduce those harmful fats in a painless,non-invasive and uniform way.While extensive studies have not been carried out especially in the long term on its possible side effects and harmful effects,so far it has no known side effects.

Zerona reviews are varying,with some patients claiming it is a scam or it is not even worth your money while a majority of the treated patients have different views claiming that it is actually the best procedure among all the others.

All the facts and evidence is there for you to make an informed decision.Lucky for you,the article that you have just read contains everything you need to know about the Zerona fat reduction process.

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