As we approach the New Year and say goodbye to the old one, there are so many things that we learn and see. 2019 taught us all a lot about new trends and with each passing year and advancing trends, we have to say goodbye to a few of them. Here we have listed a few residential interior design Dubai trends that we will be saying goodbye to:

  • Living coral

Rose gold and corals have had a fair share of them in 2019 and people gave them all the love that it deserved and now it’s time for a change. We humans need a change in our life every now and then and unfortunately, living corals and rose golds have to be the one making sacrifice this year. Living coral colours were defined as a neutral and warmth tone incorporated very simply and uniquely in the different pieces of furniture and articles. It is known as the best way of emitting cheer and peace and maybe 2020 is just not the year of expressing emotions.

  • Let’s welcome minimalism back

If you remember, 2019 was all about high end interior design Dubai trends which mostly included going all out with all you had. People incorporated all the quirky little details with different kinds of pieces and articles that didn’t go together but somehow found a way to coexist just like an organized mess which didn’t make a lot sense to others but did make to its owners. Well, we all enjoyed a lot with being messy in 2019 and let’s get back to track in 2020 by welcoming minimalism.

  • Earth Tones

Many people opted for earthly tones in their houses which meant adding wooding floorings and including nature in our environment. This trend is not going to vanish in the upcoming year but it will slowly disappear because as true and appealing this looks, people have finally realized that there’s so much of earth around and earth deserves its colours and tones in its own environment. So we will be back to the cool tones instead of dull earth browns and light up our world with the light of nature instead of plants of nature.