When you have a business or any other firm and you are earning and getting profits from that then you have to get that audited too. This is an essential necessity which you need to fulfill for submitting the tax return mainly. If you get your firm audited then it will also provide you a deep insight about the total work and earning of your firm throughout the year. There are many audit firms in UAE form which you can hire the VAT consultant in Dubai to get your firm audited. When you are going to hire then you have to check the following things to make sure about the good auditing of your firm:

Experience: You have to see the experience which they have and also see that which type of firm they audited in the past. If most of those firm were relative to your industry then you will definitely hire them. Different industries have often different rules of tax and audit so you have to hire the one that knows more about your particular industry. In this way your firm will be audited well and you will not get the additional burden. 

Legal issues: The firm which you are going to hire must know about all the legal issues that may encounter during the process of auditing. You have to be there at the time of audit to tackle any kind of discrepancy. Many firms know about the legal issues of most industries so you can hire any of them.

Staff: There will come more than one person for auditing so you have to be prepared for that and try to make them feel comfortable at your place. When you are doing the business right then you will not have to worry about the strict or lenient audit. So it is important to keep your business straight from the starting to avoid the hectic auditing which many of the business go through. The staff of the firm will sometimes try to confuse you by making false mistakes in your books but you have to be confident and tall them all the facts about the books which are correct to your knowledge. Do not get panicked as it will be the sign of any welter which is not good.