Coronavirus is the latest pandemic which has got the whole world under its grasp and it is common to look for protective gear but this does not mean that you should aim for anything that you find. There are some rules to follow and things to take care of before you go ahead and raid a pharmacy for gloves and masks. Here we have listed down the types of masks which can be useful in protection against coronavirus:

  • Surgical masks

Surgical masks are the disposable ones which you will find almost everywhere and almost every other person wearing it. They are the lose fitted masks which are used for surgeries as suggested by its name. One major mistake which most people make while using these masks is that they don’t fully cover your mouth which means there is still a lot of space for virus to climb in. Though it is true that surgical masks help in prevention from some major droplets but this does not mean that it is the best means of protection. Surgical masks are also being used by sanitizing cleaning companies Dubai for extra care.

  • N95

Before we could start with how and why N95 respirators are used for we would like to put it out there that these kinds of masks can’t and shouldn’t be used outside of healthcare setting. N95 is one of those masks which are short in the market almost all over the world which means that you should be saving it for more appropriate time when you could also use surgical masks in exchange. They are permitted for health care workers and this is the reason that we should save them in such a crucial time.

  • Homemade masks

This is one thing which most of the people are trying to aim for as homemade masks are the number one thing which we all can look forward to. Most of them are made from fabric or scarves. There are so many things which can go wrong with homemade masks such as the fabric which you use could be contaminated or the scarf could restrict you from certain tasks. Though the plus point is that it sure is providing some kind of protection instead of nothing by also relieving doctors and healthcare staff with some protection.

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