This all started when the wave of feminism took over the working women who weren’t given the equal rights as men who worked around them. In order to challenge their masculinity and tell the world that they can do everything that men could do, they started wearing suits to work. A flattering blazer with a matching pair of pants with seamless structure and boxiness of the outfit which subsided their curves and spoke more for their masked sexuality was their way to go.

The surge of working women came suddenly in the society and this is also when they started opting for women suits in Dubai and the sales increased. This is also the time when shoulder pads were in rage on blazers and a pair of trousers was what was considered the staple women’s work outfit. But over the course of years, corporate world have faced a change in terms of their dress code. People and employees have started loosening up a little which represents their simple look and a more casual approach to the work. With this huge change people have been able to wear what truly represents their personality while still looking formal and structured.

Despite the entire formal look being a little out dated, the women suits are still in fashion as ever. They are still considered to be a strong statement for women who want to leave their mark on the world. It isn’t only about women rocking the suit but in this world of men wearing casual hoodies and unbuttoned shirt wore to work is making people forget about the suits and their importance due to which one who opts to wear it to high class event, meeting and presentations is still considered unique and uplifting.

Looking at the more laid back approach to the suits, designers have also started out to design such ones which are not very formal but comfortable in its own way. With the surge in women suits, they have even taken it as far as to wearing one on weddings and even the brides have been approaching wedding suit tailor in Dubai to meet their specific demands and to rock a suit on their special day. Because why not? If men can do it, so can we and the quicker world understand this, the better it is going to be.