One thing that is a must while travelling is the local famous food that tourists have to try and honestly, it’s a bit hard to choose where to start from as New Zealand is mostly known for its famous culinary delights thus one can only imagine the goodness it has to offer. The list may go on and on but there are a few things that you can’t afford to miss during your immigration to New Zealand from Dubai:

  • Hangi

Maori culture is an important part of New Zealand and we cannot complete this dish without mentioning its one famous dish that is reserved for important occasions. It is a slow cooked meat and vegetable comprising dish that is cooked underground. Though Maori has been around for more than thousand years but this dish is not a staple probably because of the time it consumes. Once you have had a filling meal of Hangi, you will never want to leave it.

  • Hokey Pokey ice cream

We know that no trip is completed without having a traditional sweet dish and if you are a fan of ice cream then we bet you are going to love it. Hokey Pokey ice cream is the caramelised honey comb flavour that people of New Zealand die for. Giapo in Auckland is an amazing ice cream parlour where they even serve the ice cream version of squid – their famous specimen.

  • Kiwi Burger

You may think that either it is an awful choice of dish to add to the list or it is an amazing idea. What you may not know is that the kiwi burger consists of beetroot and fried eggs along with the usual standard burger patty and everything that goes along with it. It does sound like a normal burger but tell us once you have actually had it, don’t judge a dish by its name.

These are just the many foods that you can try in New Zealand and trust us when we say that you may have to take a complete different trip to the place just to explore its foods because we haven’t yet started on the sea food. 

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