When you are going to start your career after getting the proper degree in business studies then it is most likely that you will get the job of a manger in any good industry. Before applying for any job you have to discover about your strengths and you have to know about yourself that in which field you will feel comfortable doing work without any worry because when you work in the industry of your liking then there is a better chance that you will prosper and get the promotions more often due to your interest. If you have an interest in the manufacturing industry and you feel that you can do better in that then you have to choose that for starting your career. 

There are many truck trailer manufacturers in UAE where you can apply and get the job if you fulfill all the requirements asked by them. Once you have appointed then it is your responsibility to work hard and prove yourself as a beneficial member for that company.

When you are a manger you need to think about many things. You have to take care of your employees and make safety measures for them especially for the employees who are involved in the manufacturing of different parts of the cement bulk tanker. You have to make sure that all the safety measure are working properly and other than that you have to listen to their problems time to time so that they feel themselves heard and an work with more loyalty. You should also take care of your other employees and subordinates. It is your responsibility to solve their problems. 

You have to be the medium between them and the upper level management and in this regard you have to handover employees’ problems to seniors and the seniors’ orders to the employees. You have to work two ways both as a manger and also as an employee. You have to maintain the decorum of the company and if you find any employee breaking any rule then you have all the right to punish them or you can also give them a second chance with a fare threat. You should not be too harsh in punishing or too soft in decisions because in both ways people will be against you.