If you are looking something to enhance your personal safety and security then bulletproof glass is among the best options. You should replace all your ordinary glass windows with the bulletproof ones whether it is your house or vehicle. Ballistic glass and armored glass are just other names for bullet resistant glass. 

If you are willing to buy the best quality of the bulletproof glass then you must consider some of the factors quite cautiously which are discussed below in this article. On the other hand try to make sure that you are coordinating with reliable and well known armored glass manufacturers to ensure your safety.

Check the UL ratings

UL which stands for Underwriter’s Laboratory is an organization which works only for public safety. They analyze different objects and tell about their safety based on a rating procedure. So whenever you are buying bullet resistant glass make sure to check the UL ratings that which type of glass you are actually buying. UL generally divides bullet resistant glass into eight levels, these levels basically elaborates that how much pressure each level of glass can bear.

Check the UV protection

At some places you will find bulletproof glass quite beneficial in terms of limiting UV radiations to penetrate inside. But what about the glass itself? Well, if you are using bulletproof glass with polycarbonate layer on it then there are increased chances of UV damage. So whenever you are buying your bulletproof glass then ask about its ability for UV protection so that you would not have to replace it frequently.

Check the clarity of glass

Clarity of glass is what actually matters whenever you want to purchase a bulletproof glass. This is quite important especially for your vehicle and on the other hand wherever human interaction is needed like in bank transaction window, pharmacy reception and much more. In such cases you must be quite cautious in choosing the specific type of bulletproof glass to avoid any inconvenience.

Check the authenticity of manufacturer

Bulletproof glass are installed and preferred to ensure personal safety. People whose lives are at risk usually prefer such type of glass for their home and vehicle. For this purpose you can not trust any manufacturer as it is a matter of your life. So whenever you decide to buy a bulletproof glass then it is your responsibility to check the authenticity of that manufacturer.