Polycom trio is a great way of having amazing experience for your conferences as it will provide you room filling sound and also a great coverage for your videos so you can easily work your best. There is a Polycom trio series that will help you in attaching the Polycom device with your phone or having a built-in phone with that so you can easily start your conference at any time anywhere. You can get an ordinary video conferencing rental to do your work or you can get your own Polycom for better experience. Everything has some of the cons along with great pros and same is the case with the Polycom and here are some of the pros and cons for your help and better understanding about this device:


It has a great way of calling more people in your singe group conversation because you can add about 40 people to the group at a time and other than that about 100 users can use that instantaneously which is something really incredible for something little like Polycom video conferencing device. It has a very simple interface that will help people in understanding easily and they can use that instantly after getting that attached to the system and there will be no delay of understanding about how it works. When you are working with Polycom then you can easily record your videos and this feature will help you especially when there are some presentations and you have to evaluate them or take a decision according to them, then you can easily record and re-watch the entire conference or some selected parts of it easily.


One of cons included is that if you have to attach that with some existing system then you need to get some addition hardware to that otherwise it will not connect to your system unless it is an iPad with which you are going to attach and there you will not need anything extra. Within this system there some meeting controls available like the abilities of presenter to do something like muting other participants but it is really hard to access that tool and you have to do a lot of work for that or getting some extra device or permissions with that which will sometimes make people annoy of this device while using.