Some people love to shop heavy and expensive bags because they love to buy and they invested their money in some quality leather bag or coat and it got out of order that doesn’t mean that life of this bag has end you can take to the professional who can fix it and can make it new for you. For example, if you are living in UAE, so it’s possible to get the professionals even some uniform companies in Dubai can guide you regarding the bags. But bag repair in Dubai is very expensive but you don’t need to worry you can fix your bag and other leather products by your own. Here are some tips to fix your bag, but you need these things to fix it by yourself:

  • Needle of sewing
  • Scissor and seam ripper
  • Thread
  • Some fabric that has similar color of leather.
  • Scotch Tape
  • Fabric glue

Now let’s come to the point that how you can repair your bag by your own:

Fix out the torn pieces of leather

First thing you need to arrange the needle for sewing the torn side of the leather. Reposition the torn side of the leather takes a piece of scotch tape or a painter tape and try to apply it on the torn side. .

Try to locate the tear

Try to turn the bag or your jacket from the inside and try to locate the tear side and then put it outside and find the damage area of the bag do your best to fix it with your existing materials. 

Put the fabric patch

When you have get out the side the tear side of the bag then use the fabric glue on the fabric and then put the fabric on the torn side and apply it on the damage side. Remember fabric glue should apply properly otherwise your hardworking will be no use for you. re proceeding.

Finish the patch on bag

When you have attached the fabric with fabric glue remove the scotch tape carefully and then sewing the fabric with the sewing needle. And apply the glue again on sewing side.

Here we have fixed the bag or jacket. I hope that you would like it and for further information you can visit our website.