Have you ever sat in an armored vehicle? If you have not, then you should look to sit in one. In all likelihood, you will see some things that are not seen in a normal car. For example, a remarkable thing would be that armored cars are quite different from those normal cars that you had been using. Differences in appearance to the unit. Perhaps the most important feature of an armored vehicle bullet proof offered, which obviously is not present in a normal car. Some cars are designed from the ground as armored vehicles, while another type is not designed that way, but you can add additional armor on it if necessary.

An armored car purchase, a lot of things get that normal cars will not be able to make an offer. For example, additional shields are probably the most prominent feature stronger and more resilient in the armored car. Then also consider other features that cannot be found in any normal car. In other words, the following is what will be the only armored car:

Explosion protection

armored car was not only bulletproof, but also evidence of an explosion. The entire vehicle is designed so that the explosion will have a minimal impact on the car. The quality of materials installed in the car to make one of the safest cars to drive. Of course, the thickness and the material may vary in different models, but most cars have excellent protection against explosions.

Environmental protection systems

It was found that the car has a good ECS installed. It can be used evenly without fear that the power of engine damage due to overuse. This machine is designed so that it can withstand a load of heavy and ECS work. The cabin will be hot and cold, depending on whether the air conditioner or heater is used. ECS’s overall performance based on the power of the engine and compressors installed in the car.

Several armored vehicles also offer additional protection in the car. the use of bomb-proof and reinforced soil steel cover. This gives the car extra protection in many situations. Generally higher level of protection is increased by a factor of 1 or in some cases, 2.

Look for more information on armored vehicles and know what to look for before purchasing armored cash in transit in transit vehicles.