IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome. It is basically comes through the genetics so the doctor should take the complete history about you before he starts your treatment. Other than that he has to take the complete examination of your body so that he will diagnose better and can start the treatment according to your condition. If you have diabetes then he has to first suggest the diabetes diet plan for you before starting any other treatment, you have to follow the plan correctly. There are many symptoms of this disease. For the IBS treatment purpose he has to first check these symptoms. You can see the symptom below:

Age: Age is a very strong reason behind IBS. With the passage of age entire inner organs of human beings will start declining and they will then stop working properly. They will become weaken and you have to face so many problems with that like you may face problem in prolong sitting and standing as your joints will start hurting due to this. In the same way your digestive system will also disturbed due to the age factor. You have to take care of your diet in order to get away from this.

Weight loss: When people start losing their weight rapidly either due to their diet plan or without any reason then they will also start experiencing this disease. When they lose weight, their body water will become low and they may also take lower amount of water than suggested which 8 to 12 glass a day is. If they take less than that then they will be a potential victim of IBS.

Bleeding: Some people will experience rectal bleeding which is also due to less water intake. There may be another reason of that become water intake will have a huge impact on it. Lower amount of water will results in difficulty in passing the bowel. Sometimes it will cut the skin when you try hard to pass that which will then bleed. This bleeding will be accompanied with IBS and also with the pain.

Fever: It is another factor which may cause the IBS. During fever your diet routine will be disturbed and due to the high temperature of your body, some of your system will start refusing to work properly and result IBS.