There are different kinds of mental disease in the world and most of them are treatable with the help of psychologist in Dubai. They will help you keep in your healthy life though medication and exercise. They are educated enough to give you the medication and then they will try to give you different kinds of exercises to help you keep healthy. There are many things which you have to think about during your dark phases:

Sleeping habits: When you see your daily routine changed by the way of your sleeping habits then you have to go to the psychologist immediately. If you get sudden loss in your sleep or having difficulty in sleeping then it means there is something wrong in your mind that is bothering you. You have to go to the root level of what is the thing that is pinning you from inside and you can do this with the help of a good psychologist. Another change in the sleeping habit is that if you start sleeping too much and more than the sleep required for a normal person then you have to go for the checkup. It is not necessary that every time there is a mental health issue that cause change in your sleeping pattern, there will be other things that can cause this change so you have to avoid self-medication and try to contact with a psychologist.

Thoughts of self-harm: When the initial stage of anxiety and depression will not get treatment then it will lead to further stages of mind illness which are very dangerous sometimes. People will start thinking about the ways of self-harm and at the very extreme they will start thinking about killing themselves and some of the patients also try to kill themselves. Some will get the chance to survive and others will not but the ones who survive will often try to do that again and again especially if they do not get the proper treatment and support from the family.

Thoughts of harming others: In some people they will start thinking about harming the people around them. There is no doubt they love their people but they can’t help to think badly about them. It is not necessary that they practically harm them but most of the time they inly think about it. See here further information in this regard.