People have secrets about everything even it is as small as eating a banana out fridge. People who work for you or people you praise also keep secrets. But did you ever think that your doctors and dentists also keep many secrets from you? If you go to a dentist with your tooth ache and your pain goes away in a giffy and all is well now. Well, here you are wrong, the dentist know that you are coming back after a week or two that is because some dentist on purpose, don’t fix your pain completely in order to make you come back again.

When the pain goes away and you are about to leave from the dentist’s, they tell you to visit them again after 2 or 3 but what they don’t tell you is that that checkup is free and people do not visit them thinking that it will cost again and the pain is gone. Dentists might tell you to brush your teeth for minutes or brush this way or that way but what they don’t tell you that how and when you should wash your mouth and they also don’t tell you that half of your dental problems are due to mouth.

Dentists recommend expensive mouth washes but they won’t tell you trick that causes end of your bad breath problems for good. Consider this a tip but it might be forbidden for some people; washing your mouth with alcohol and your regular mouth wash will last-long and give you maximum minty flavor. Some dentists recommend that you should buy UV light to see germs on your toothbrush but the fact is that there are no germs because toothpastes have anti-bacterial chemicals which remain on your toothbrush to make them safe from germs. Unless you are sharing your toothbrush with someone. Most dentists have a pact with the UV light sellers for commission and on each sale the dentist gets commission. So, don’t buy a UV light just for toothbrushes.

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